General Milley Committed Treason – End of Story

GOP Sen. Rand Paul responded to reports that Joint Chiefs Chair General Mark Milley contacted his Chinese equivalent General Li Zuocheng on many occasions; Milley then reportedly informed Zuocheng he would indeed notify him before any military involvement on Wednesday.

Milley should indeed be probed “instantly,” Paul said on Fox & Friends. The Kentucky Republican also stated that Milley should undergo a lie detector test. If the report is accurate, Paul says Milley must be instantaneously relieved of command. Milley’s actions, if genuine, were tantamount to treason.

There Needs to Be an Investigation

It needs to be looked into right now, Paul stated. If not under oath, then with a lie detector test, Milley must be asked about it. If this occurs, he should be dismissed from his duty and court-martialed promptly.

To paraphrase more from Paul: you’ll have to check to see if it’s true. This is hearsay and rumor, possibly disinformation, but if it is genuine, he must be dismissed immediately. Elections are coming up. Elections cannot be thrown out by generals.

That’s something America’s always decried when the military takes power in authoritarian countries. This is extremely risky, and if it occurs, Milley must be relieved of his command instantly.

Milley must be taken into a chamber for an examination, not even a media press conference, but a polygraph question and answer session. This is something America does frequently for our intelligence personnel.

Milley must be questioned on whether he phoned the Chinese government in violation of his orders. He must be asked if he gave them any warnings or hints that President Biden would target them.

This is extremely dangerous to the nation and the globe, and treacherous if it actually happened.

Sen. Josh Hawley Condemned the General

Sen. Josh Hawley reacted to a Washington Post document claiming that Gen. Mark Milley called his Chinese equivalent General Li Zuocheng numerous times; this reportedly occurred all through Trump’s administration.

Milley allegedly made a vow to warn Zuocheng about any US military intervention. Therefore, Milley was asked to resign by Hawley, who added that if Milley did not resign, he should be sacked.

If such stories are accurate, Milley has gone outside the command chain. He’s also shattered the command structure. That comes on top of him putting the constitutional idea of civilian authority over the military in jeopardy.

Milley just does not have the authority to do so. He just does not have the option to consult our Beijing rivals and tell them that he’ll keep them informed about any step we take ahead of us taking it.

Many Americans are hoping these reports are false. Milley must, however, resign. He should resign, and if he refuses, he should be dismissed. He has, after all, betrayed the American public faith.