Global COVID Deaths Hit Four Million – China Yet to Take Responsibility

As per estimates released on Thursday by Johns Hopkins University, the worldwide number of deaths from the coronavirus epidemic has surpassed four million but is still rising. During the epidemic, 4,001,791 individuals died; over 185 million individuals were infected, according to a live viral tracker compiled by the institution.

According to UPI, the three nations of the United States, Brazil, and India are responsible for 40% of those fatalities. With 606,218 deaths globally, the United States ranks first in the world, trailed by Brazil with 528,540 and India with 405,028.

Biden Failed To Meet His July 4th Target for Vaccination

While the United States fell short of President Joe Biden’s target of vaccinating 70 percent of American citizens by the 4th of July, fatalities have dropped drastically to roughly 225 per day; this marks a drop from over 3,400 per day at the beginning of the year.

According to Breitbart News, the pathogen originally appeared in late December 2019 in  Wuhan before spreading around the world. Vaccines have resulted in a significant reduction in daily mortality in countries that implemented vaccination programs. Since the immunization was authorized for use later last year, upwards of 3.29 billion shots have indeed been provided, as per Oxford University’s World in Data project.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization, noted that while wealthier countries are removing COVID-19 regulations (as if the epidemic already is finished), people in poorer countries are still fighting rapidly strains.

Immunization nationalism, in which a few countries have gotten the largest share of vaccines, is morally wrong; it’s also an ineffectual global health tactic vs a viral illness that is rapidly evolving and being extremely proficient at spreading from person to person, he said at a global epidemic press conference.

The notion that millions of healthcare professionals have still not been immunized at this stage in the epidemic is reprehensible.

Will We Ever Hold China Accountable?

The fact that the Chinese Communist Party bears considerable responsibility for COVID-19’s global proliferation and must be held responsible and accountable should never be a political issue.

We, by now, understand that Beijing withheld crucial information about the virus’ resurgence; we know that local authorities suppressed cautioning opinions and also, as a consequence, Chinese authorities’ actions most likely dispossessed the globe of crucial information about the disease’ infectivity and effectiveness early on.

A vast number of people would still be alive if China had been more forthright and clear about the reach and scatter of COVID-19; we, as well as other nations, would be capable of acting on data about viruses quicker.

We also might have chosen to take useful precautions or enacted safeguards to avoid COVID-19 from propagating and triggering so much mortality.

All this appears to be apparent; however, we’re now struggling to sort out just what the Chinese government knew and then when they learned it, as well as how much guilt falls on central government vs municipal and state authorities.