GOP Control To Make Intensified Movements Against China

As Republicans set their sights on a majority in the House, they have taken up intensified opposition to China.

This bipartisan movement has created an uneasy tension between Washington and Beijing that could lead to the destabilization of one of America’s most important global relationships.

Critics applaud Republican scrutiny while warning it may result in escalated conflict with Chinese policymakers.

Republicans MORE Vocal About Chinese Influence on the U.S.

Although the U.S. political landscape was once divided on the issue of China, both parties have become increasingly wary of this issue in recent years.

While caution from both sides is evident, Republicans are more vocal about concerns over Chinese influence on U.S. political affairs that could damage national security and economic interests.

“USA-CHINA/” by 李 季霖

With the Democrats having kept control of the Senate in last month’s midterm elections, Republicans have a tight, but effective, majority to scrutinize President Biden’s China policies.

According to Graham Allison, professor of government at Harvard University and former Assistant Defense Secretary under Clinton, no matter what moves Biden makes on foreign policy toward Beijing, there is sure to be strong pushback from the Republican opposition.

In a potentially provocative move, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has announced plans to lead an American congressional delegation on a visit to Taiwan.

The trip would mark the second such excursion in 2020, following Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s historic visit over the summer. China responded with aggressive military maneuvers at that time and is sure to react again, should McCarthy follow through.

The House Select Committee will be formed to address what McCarthy calls the biggest geopolitical threat at present: China.

Led by Rep. Mike Gallagher, this marks the first such congressional investigation into Chinese affairs since the late 1990s.

McCarthy To Spearhead Efforts To Ensure U.S. Stays Ahead of China

McCarthy likewise announced in his blog post his intention to spearhead efforts that will ensure the U.S. stays ahead of China in economic and technological competition.

He is proposing a committee that will work towards recommendations on trade partnerships, supply chain security protections, and intellectual property laws.

With America’s future growth at stake, this bipartisan initiative seeks to provide valuable insights into how the country can lead among international competitors.

On top of this, House Republicans will also launch an investigation into the Chinese Communist Party’s potential involvement in the spread of coronavirus.

The probe will take a deeper look at how the virus originated and whether it holds any ties to China’s ruling authority. Details for this select committee remain unclear, but could be revealed soon.

As questions about the source of SARS-CoV2 continue to swirl, a report from Republican representatives on Wednesday evening asserts there may be grounds for believing it is connected with China’s bioweapons program.

The revelations come as Chairman Adam Schiff issued another statement Thursday indicating that early in the pandemic outbreak, intelligence agencies failed to shift resources rapidly enough toward investigating its origins.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.