GOP Investigating Biden Admin For Failure to Protect America

The Biden administration has miserably failed to protect the southern border, which encouraged illegal immigrants to come to the United States.

Instead of crafting workable border policies, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is urging its employees to trick the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Now, OIG is investigating the flawed border policies of the Biden administration.

Republican lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee have started the investigation into the DHS attempt to manipulate the work of the OIG.

Republicans to Investigate DHS 

More than one dozen House Republicans wrote a letter to the DHS, asking the department to cooperate with the OIG in border investigations.

In their letter, House Republicans mentioned the internal memo of the DHS, which tried to train employees of the department on “how to impede OIG investigations.”

The letter suggested DHS is encouraging its employees to deny the access of official documents and computers to the OIG.

If all of these allegations are true, the letter continued, DHS is intentionally intervening in the work of the OIG, which is mandated to promote transparent accountability across the country.

Republican lawmakers were referring to the memo, which was circulated in the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) department ahead of their meeting with the OIG officials.

According to the letter, the memo intended to help the border officials with “withholding information” from the accountability watchdog.

Reportedly, the DHS wants to conceal the actual data of illegal immigrants on the southern border, which is prompting the agency to hide its computers and documents from the OIG.

DHS Bureaucrats Exceeding Their Authority

As the Inspector General has the authority to review all official reports, audits, documents and records of any department, the DHS attempt to deny them access to this material is in violation of the law.

DHS can only conceal the information from the OIG in case of a national emergency. Here, the secretary himself gives the written orders to not reveal the information and informs Congress about the urgency of the situation to hide critical records.

Currently, DHS Inspector General, Joseph Cuffari, is investigating the implications of the liberal border policies of the Biden administration.

So, the signatories of the letter urged DHS to give immediate access to all relevant records to OIG so it can carry forward the transparent inquiry of the “inhumane border.”

Instead of stopping the OIG from investigating the border, DHS should try to protect the southern border to reduce the existing mess which is urging illegal immigrants to come to the United States in big numbers, the lawmakers wrote.

As per the letter, the DHS needs to send its internal memo, alongside all the relevant documents related to the OIG, to Republican lawmakers by August 12.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.