Harris Proves Once Again She is Unfit for Office

VP Kamala Harris, who is in Poland to talk with foreign heads of state about Russia’s assault against Ukraine, chuckled during a news conference on Thursday.

This happened when she was asked if the United States will set aside room for Ukrainian refugees to come to America.

She Can’t Take It Seriously

When questioned about the United States accepting Ukrainian refugees, Harris and Poland’s President Andrzej Duda smiled uneasily. Then, Duda began responding to the serious subject, with more than two million Ukrainians leaving, many others to Poland.

“A friend in need now is a friend truly,” Harris added, smiling, before moving on to a more solemn subject.

Duda said he urged Biden to help accelerate the process for Ukrainian refugees with family in the United States to be able to come to the U.S.

Meanwhile, Harris stopped short of committing the US to take in a specific number of Ukrainians escaping the conflict.

She did say, however, that Ukrainians who are currently in the United States and whose visas are about to expire can stay in the country. “We will not return them to a war zone,” Harris stated.

“As we have stated many times via our collaborative action in the UN through NATO, we will assist Poland in terms of the load it is bearing and our joint responsibility to protect the safety and well-being of such refugees,” she said.

Vice President Kamala Harris noted nearly $53 million in new international aid from the US authorities went through into USAID.

This is to assist civilians and children affected by Russia’s unwarranted invasion of Ukraine all through her visit to Warsaw, Poland.

What Can the UN Do?

Support for the UN World Food Initiative (WFP) to provide potentially life-saving food assistance to thousands of individuals is directly impacted by the attack.

This is including those who have been forcibly displaced and are trying to cross the border out of Ukraine for this additional assistance.

In addition, the White House announced in an official statement that it will “help WFP’s logistics efforts to bring assistance into Ukraine, especially to those in Kyiv.”

“The US is Ukraine’s top humanitarian assistance supplier, having donated $159 million in total emergency assistance since October 2020, including approximately $107 million in the last two weeks in reaction to Russia’s incursion of Ukraine.”

To areas affected by continued combat, this includes food, safe drinking water, housing, urgent health care, and snow removal assistance.

Due to the fighting, two million people were affected to escape Ukraine, with another one million internally displaced.

In Ukraine, at least 12 million people need humanitarian assistance.

The US remains committed to the people of Ukraine and will work to meet urgent needs and save lives, according to the White House.