Harrison Ford Makes the List of Hypocritical “Eco-Friendly” Celebrities

"Harrison Ford" by Gage Skidmore

Hearing “go green” from your favorite Hollywood actors has become commonplace in recent years with the growing popularity of climate change activism.

While reducing one’s carbon footprint is definitely an improvement, it’d help if these people stuck to what they’re preaching.

One such culprit is industry name Harrison Ford. He’s been the driving force behind several “eco-friendly” campaigns; yet, he’s a bit too keen on traveling just about anywhere via his private jet.

“Harrison Ford” by Gage Skidmore

It’s the Taylor Swift private jet thing all over again

In fact, he’s made more than eight trips in the past two months, spanning anywhere between 5k and 5.5k miles and effectively letting 35 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Despite all these heavy pollutants, Ford hasn’t shied away from appearances at major climate change conferences; he’d call for government leaders and civilians to reduce their emissions that are contributing to “global warming.”

Last year, Ford made an appearance at a similar conference in France, claiming it’s nearly impossible to ignore the headlines related to climate change.

It’s almost as if his round trip to the country didn’t cause as much pollution as one thousand average Americans would within a single year.

Preserving our forests and wetlands definitely is a necessity, but those are suffering mainly due to criminal deforestation, rather than “global warming.” Even then, it’s hard to jump on an agenda that even the person preaching apparently doesn’t believe in.

Hollywood celebrities are hypocrites. What’s new?

The fact still remains that Ford and those like him have emitted more carbon into the atmosphere in the past couple of months, maybe even weeks, than most of us will for the entirety of our stay here on planet earth.

It’s a recurring pattern where those with fame and a platform to push their opinions are above any criticism that the rest of us are susceptible to.

While Ford would definitely get shamed by the media if he was caught littering, it’s major stuff like this that often goes unchecked.

Additionally, a report from the Nature Conservancy showed the average American’s carbon footprint is four times greater compared to the rest of the world, meaning these celebrities are preaching the “green” lifestyle to people who are much better at it.

Over the past two months, Ford has flown to and from Los Angeles, Jackson Hole, and Idaho Falls, with the longest trip being a 1.2k mile flight from Wichita, Kansas back home to Hawthorne in California.

Hilariously enough, despite all their activism, California consistently ranks as the most polluted state in the country. If we pair it with the massive carbon footprint all these celebrities have, it really outlines “The Golden State” for the liberal hellscape it is.

Ford’s social media staff refused to comment on the reveal; although it’s certain he won’t be making any public appearances at “eco-friendly” rallies any time soon.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.