Herschel Walker’s son: BLM is KKK in Blackface


Christian Walker, the gay son of football legend Herschel Walker, unleashed on Black Lives Matter demonstrators and rioters in a confrontational video posted Monday on social media, calling them “domestic terrorists.”

“Anybody who honestly cares about black people could not support Black Lives Matter — it’s a terrorist organization, and personally I think it’s the KKK in blackface,” Walker said in the opening of the video posted on the Log Cabin Republicans’ Twitter account.

Log Cabin Republicans is the largest Republican organization dedicated to representing the LGBT community in the nation.

In the video, Walker, who lives in Los Angeles, recounts being scared and then outraged after witnessing the looting and burning taking place right on his doorstep.

“I was on the roof of my building in Los Angeles, and I was looking around town, and the whole town was on fire because of radical BLM domestic terrorists,” he said. “There were 12 helicopters in the sky. I was freaking out, and all anyone had to say was, ‘Oh, let me go post a black square on Instagram!’ And I said, ‘Oh, no-no-no, I’m not giving up my country up to the radical left.'”

Christian Walker is an outspoken gay conserative

Walker, like his father — who made headlines at last week’s Republican National Convention for supporting President Trump — is an outspoken voice for the American black conservative community.

Having posted videos denouncing leftist policies on his Twitter account, he’s risen to internet fame in recent weeks.

In the video posted by Log Cabin Republicans Monday, Walker specifically targeted Black Lives Matter, which he argues uses racial division to promote an anti-American Marxist agenda.

Walker took his critique of BLM to Glenn Beck’s show

“If you go on Black Lives Matter[‘s] website,” Walker said. “They hate Western civilization, they hate our society, and really — to me — they hate black men. They wanna destroy the nuclear family.”

Walker appeared on Glenn Beck’s radio program last month to discuss America’s ongoing riots and what it’s like to be a young, outspoken conservative in today’s political climate.

Walker took time during the interview to repeat his attack on the Black Lives Matter agenda, arguing that it does nothing to end racism.