Horrific Stories Out of Shanghai’s COVID Lockdown

During a recent epidemic of COVID-19 in Shanghai, many old individuals perished in aged care homes. However, no one has died as of yet, according to the officials.

It’s Out of A Horror Show

Men in white safety clothing were carrying bagged corpses and an advertisement for memorial services on the side of the car, according to a surveillance video shared by a resident.

“We recorded on our videotape [the bodies of] 15 elderly folks who had perished being brought away throughout the day [April 14], plus the early in the morning while we weren’t asleep,” The Epoch Times reported.

The inhabitant lives in Shuxiangyuan Community Complex in Xuhui Community District, which is in Shanghai’s northwest and faces House of Orchid, an aged care home.

She went by the alias Meiling and wanted us to change her voice so she will not be recognized and retaliated against by the Chinese communist government.

Before night, she added, more remains had been taken. A few extremely ill senior citizens had been carried away by paramedics.

“However, we have no clue what happened to these sick old people,” she stated over the phone.

Residents who live directly across the street from the Home of Orchid haven’t dared to open their blinds for the previous two days, she said.

This is because it was horrifying and frightening to witness hearses arrive a dozen times a day with over 12 dead bodies taken away in yellow bags.

According to Meiling, the elderly require immediate assistance and medical attention.

According to the number of takeout lunch boxes she saw brought to the facility on April 13, there were still roughly 60 individuals living here, she informed The Epoch Times.

“It has no healthcare centers, and its administration has been a disaster,” Meiling said. She also mentioned the older folks had underlying health issues and should be sent to hospitals or clinics.

The Numbers Are Scary

“The elderly death rate is really concerning, and we are seeing an increase in the number of persons in our neighborhood who test positive for the COVID-19 virus.”

“Even though no one dares to leave the house, we continue to receive additional positive instances from people who reside near the aged care facility.”

Residents have contacted local governments, helplines, and local media sources, according to Meiling, but no one answered.

“If the care home does not relocate all of these elderly individuals to a safe location, the fatality rate will keep climbing, and inhabitants in the surrounding area will also be in danger and fear.”

“There isn’t a chance that our town will be exempt from the restrictions,” Meiling added.

The House of Orchid was contacted by The Epoch Times, but no response was received before publishing.