Horrifying: Migrants Throw Babies Over River

After current internet claims that the migrants will be allowed passage into the nation, scores of infants and young children were reportedly tossed over a thin portion of the river dividing Mexico from the United States.

This happened Wednesday last week, based on a report from the New York Post.

Border Crisis Worsens

It’s estimated that thousands of migrants, largely Venezuelans, flooded the border near El Paso, Texas on Wednesday, according to the United States Border Patrol.

Social media was rife with reports that the migrants would be granted entry into the US if they turned themselves in to Border Patrol agents and asked for refuge.

In an effort to get to where the action is, migrants stormed the southern border as a result of the misleading information. According to Border Patrol, the Trump administration’s Title 42 policy continues to be in effect.

On Wednesday, Raul Ortiz, the chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, tweeted that people shouldn’t believe traffickers or others stating the crossings are open.

They shouldn’t take risky travel because the borders are closed. A migrant who enters the country illegally faces deportation and repatriation.

Throughout the period of October 2022 to February 2023, agents carried out nearly 8,000 recoveries along the southern border, according to a different tweet from Ortiz.

Incorrect information on social media led to a wave of migrants overrunning the El Paso region twice last month, most recently on Wednesday.

Migrants Flood Border

Almost a thousand migrants descended upon the international bridge linking Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso on March 12. To contain the sizable gathering, Border Patrol officers in body armor, concrete blocks, and razor wire were utilized.

The migrants who assaulted the southern border alleged to have seen a message on social media saying people in desperate situations or with kids would be allowed access into the country.