How the Bidens Helped China Expand into the USA

Throughout Peter Schweizer’s latest book, Red-Handed: How US Officials Get Rich Letting China Win, he examines the financial links involving President Biden’s son, Hunter, as well as Chinese Communist Party oligarchs.

Hunter’s Chinese dealings aided China’s imperialist Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This aims to influence governments in the third world by seducing poor countries into taking out loans from banks in China that they’ll never pay back.

The Evidence

Hunter Biden’s attempt to use Chinese money for buying Greece’s state railroad is the first appearance of BRI in Red-Handed.

The China Open Ship Organization (COSCO), a company owned by the communist regime and intimately affiliated to the People’s Liberation Organization, was Hunter’s collaborator in this venture.

China wanted to extend the BRI’s reach into Europe’s heartland and create a network of ports, dubbed the “chain of pearls,” that the PLA could have used to threaten American naval might in the Atlantic.

The Chinese government gave Hunter a fantastic deal through COSCO in order to benefit from his deep ties in Greece.

Hunter and his Beijing associates were undercut by the Italian national railway firm, thankfully for the free world; although Belt and Road are still looking for methods to reach Europe more thoroughly.

From its own infrastructure program, “Global Gateway,” the Euro Zone reluctantly started pushing back in 2021.

Hunter’s most well-known connection to BRI was through CEFC China Electricity, a company led by the once-famous, but now-disappeared, young entrepreneur Ye Jianming.

The records encountered on Hunter’s laptop included information linking Biden’s brother to the CEFC consortium, including an electronic mail. This said 10 percent with one CEFC venture would’ve been “held by H for the fat fella,” most likely referring to Joe Biden himself.

Hunter Got Rich from This

Despite his lack of necessary training or knowledge for the roles he supposedly held in the firm’s efforts, CEFC threw huge amounts of money at Hunter.

This irritated skilled wealth manager Tony Bobulinski. He went on to become a dissident, only to be nearly as thoroughly erased by Biden-friendly American news organizations as Ye Jianming was by the Chinese Communist Party.

Hunter understood the business was related to the People’s Republic of China and PLA intelligence, according to emails obtained by Red-Handed.

In fact, according to the book, CEFC made no secret of its aim to support “China’s national energy strategy.” This included purchasing assets in Europe and the USA.

Hunter was warned by Bobulinski to keep away from CEFC, but he ignored his advice. CEFC wasn’t merely a shrewd businessman who profited handsomely from Chinese defense contracts.

In 2011, one of Red-Handed’s analysts penned a hostile editorial for state media, demanding the use of military action to drive western oil and gas corporations out of the China Sea.