How Trump is outperforming previous incumbents in the primaries


President Trump is taking nothing for granted in the Republican Party Primaries. Like most incumbent presidents Trump faces no serious competition for the Republican Party nomination. The President also enjoys very high approval among regular Republicans. 

That means Trump could have let the primary season take care of itself, but instead, he staged campaign rallies in 18 states, spending over $155 million to garner impressive primary vote tallies.

Trump is massively outperforming previous incumbents


The amazing thing about Trump’s primary campaign is that never before in history have so many people turned out for rallies of an incumbent with no challenger.

Trump is massively out-performing his hopey-changey predecessor Barack Obama. In 23 out of 27 states, Trump has received more rank-and-file votes than Obama did in 2012, often not by a thin margin, but by double or triple the numbers. Trump’s primary votes also easily outdo George W. Bush’s numbers in 2004.

Trump’s stellar results are not only coming in solidly red states but in battleground states and true-blue ones that the Biden campaign considers their own.

In Michigan, Trump got 639,144 votes compared to Obama’s 174,054 in 2012. The figures were similar in Ohio, Trump got 713,546 to Obama’s 285,990 in ’12.

RNC press secretary Mandi Merritt credits this to “the sophisticated political machine that the Republican National Committee and Trump campaign has built.”

Republicans are using the primaries to energize voters before November

The Republicans are wisely using the primaries to build excitement and encourage voters to be pro-active come November. Voter turnout will likely be the do-or-die issue for both parties in the general election. The Republicans have contacted 45 million voters to encourage them to vote in the primaries, more than they made in all stages of the 2016 election combined.

Trump’s rallies give the republicans a chance to gather data on rank-and-file republicans and potential voters, and to register new voters. In contrast, the Democrats seem to hope to keep Biden shut up in his basement and rely on their ability to use the corporate media to manipulate voters into protest-voting against Trump for not following the hegemonic liberal agenda, which has become largely defined in contrast to their often inaccurate portrayal of Trump.

Here are a few more numbers comparing how the Republican strategy is working compared to previous incumbents’ performance in the primaries.


  • Trump 2020: 616,705
  • Obama 2012: 293,914
  • Bush 2004: 158,933

Rhode Island

  • Trump 2020: 19,006
  • Obama 2012: 6,759
  • Bush 2004: 2,152


  • Trump 2020: 925,212
  • Obama 2012: 139,273
  • Bush 2004: 161,374