How Trump was behind the end of Seattle’s CHOP


Jenny Durkan, the Democratic mayor of Seattle ordered the police to shut down the CHAZ/CHOP anarchist squat only because President Trump was about to beat her to the punch. On Thursday, during an interview with Sean Hannity, Trump said that he had forced Durkan to re-establish law and order in the streets of Seattle. The anarchist squat had prevented police and other emergency response personnel from reaching victims within their ‘zone,’ while causing Seattle’s violent crime rate to jump about 530%.

Trump explained the end of CHOP in interview with Sean Hannity

Hannity asked the president, “I had a source that told me, I was not able to confirm it, that one of the reasons that the Seattle mayor finally acted is that they were given notice that if they didn’t act that you were going to. Is there any truth to that?” 

Trump replied, “A hundred percent. We were going in, we were going in very soon, we let them know that. And they, all of a sudden, they didn’t want that. So they went in before we got there. But we were going in very shortly, very soon, and we would have taken the CHOP, they call it, CHOP. We would have taken it back very easily. But they went in and, frankly, the people just gave up, they were tired, they had it for a very long period of time.”

Trump added later that, “We were all set to go into Seattle. Quite frankly, I looked forward to it.”

Trump had pushed Durkan and Washington state’s Democratic governor Jay Inslee to restore the law and order that local property-tax payers had paid for and had a right to. The Democratic lawmakers argued that to do so would somehow be “illegal and unconstitutional” Durkan referred to the violent squat a potential “summer of love” before the violence threatened to spread and endanger her.

Deaths from violent crime not enough for Dems to shut down the anarchists


Various residents and businesses in Seattle are suing the city because local lawmakers have failed to protect their rights, particularly the right to law and order. The Democrats nationwide appear to be coordinating from the divisiveness and disorder that has swept America. Partisan politics and leftist tactics verging on Jacobin terror should take a back seat to seeking reconciliation and understanding between American citizens of various backgrounds and viewpoints. 

Until now, it appeared that Durkan had broken up CHOP after a few people were shot dead by the protesters. Unsurprisingly, that wasn’t enough for the Democrat, pressure from the president was necessary after all.