Hunter Biden’s Best Friend Needs to Tell the Truth or Face Jail

Hunter Biden may be under investigation, but one of his business partners has already been sentenced to jail.

Devon Archer in the Firing Line

Together with Hunter Biden, Devon Archer established Rosemont Seneca Partners and worked to get a seat on the Burisma board of directors for the president’s son.

Additionally, the two collaborated to obtain money from companies under Chinese control. 2018 saw Archer’s fraud conviction for a bond operation implicating the Oglala Sioux tribe.

Archer’s convictions were subsequently overturned and restored. He will now make one last appeal on Tuesday. Friends are advising him to start telling the truth right away because he is quickly running short on time.

Hunter is told by Archer’s friends, who have knowledge of his thinking, to accept the Bidens’ rejection of him, in addition to the fact that a pardon from the president is not a prospect at this point.

They advise Archer to use his familiarity with the supposed influence-peddling system of the Biden family, which he saw for four years while Joe Biden served as vice president, to safeguard himself.

Archer is the one who most likely has knowledge of the fraud committed by the Biden clan. No one seemed nearer to the president’s son than him, having witnessed all the intricate business maneuvers that took place over the past few years.

It was Archer who arranged the sessions when Hunter Biden met repeatedly with a Russian tycoon who has ties to Vladimir Putin. The list of their international deals is endless and it was only made feasible by capitalizing on Joe Biden’s reputation.

Archer Needs to Start Talking

Archer has no bargaining power left unless he can provide the prosecution with something useful and there is not much cause to believe his last-ditch plea will be successful.

For reasons that are obvious, Joe Biden won’t pardon him. In spite of their friendship, Hunter Biden has never come out in his favor. As judgment day draws near, Archer must be under strain.

He either speaks up or takes one for the team.