Hunter’s Corruption Exposed In Shameful Detail

The corruption of Hunter Biden has been downplayed by the liberal media as much as possible. Twitter, under its former leftist leadership, even censored news about Hunter Biden’s laptop to help his dad win the 2020 election.

Though now the bill is coming due and the proof is undeniable. Hunter Biden has been involved in selling access to his dad for years now and undermining the national security of the United States.

Selling Access To Dad

While Biden was serving as VP under Barack Obama, Hunter was busy making money from his dad’s power. In the summer of 2011, one meeting, in particular, has been discovered in White House emails.

Biden met with three business colleagues of Hunter’s to try to negotiate a business deal via Biden and his associate Alan Hoffman. These men were David Gamperl, a big shot in the energy business, as well as a man named Xi Wang and Andre Lasserre.

These three men were trying to sell profitable Brazilian bonds and bring more money into Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca company. The meeting with VP Biden was arranged by Sean Conlon, who went on to host a CNBC show about real estate investment.

Here’s the Deal…

In emails to Hunter, Conlon made it clear what the price of the deal with these three gentlemen would be: a meet and greet with Joe.

The bonds would “move” once they had a chance to get some face time with Joe Biden and talk over opportunities. At least one of the three individuals involved in this bond scheme was a non-US citizen.

This was a classic case of offering these guys access to his powerful father in return for an influx of cash to his business, something Hunter did repeatedly and with numerous individuals from various countries.

The Bottom Line

Joe Biden met with more than 12 of Hunter’s business partners and colleagues, trying to help him out. Biden said Trump is the real example of corruption and yet the proof suggests otherwise.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.