If You Live in New York, Say Goodbye to Freedom

Vaccine regulations for public spaces in major cities are not expected to be permanent, according to city officials.

Nevertheless, they might not have a concrete strategy for when or how they’ll repeal the regulations that force millions of Americans to show vaccine papeers to enter eateries, gyms, and other establishments.

Lockdowns Forever

Philadelphia Health Director Cheryl Bettigole said of her city’s vaccination mandate for eateries, “it really doesn’t come with an expiration date since we don’t know what’s coming.”

“Winter is approaching, as is omicron. It’s impossible to know what will happen next. We’d like to reverse this as soon as possible, but that will be contingent on our case and admission rates.”

Philadelphia, along with several other major U.S. cities, requires vaccinations before entering public locations, such as eateries. Similar mandates exist in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco.

In addition, to enter pubs and restaurants in New Orleans, customers must show proof of immunization or a recent negative COVID-19 test.

Vaccine requirements are frequently promoted as a method to reverse mask mandates and return to normalcy, at least within the confines of locations where only vaccinated persons are permitted.

In fact, earlier this year, Los Angeles County issued recommendations that expressly linked the lifting of its mask ban to enterprises that require immunizations.

There is no Exit Strategy

These cities stated they desire to return to normalcy in the future. When questioned by Fox News about their plans to repeal the mandates, the majority of them claimed they intend to do so in the future.

However, none of them appear to have a clear strategy for doing so.

When questioned about the city’s new flu shot requirement, Philadelphia Department of Health spokesperson James Garrow said, “there’s no particular end deadline at this time.”

“It’s impossible to determine what the next few seasons might look like, due to current delta tides and what we’re having to learn about the omicron strain.”

“To guide that pullback, the health department is presently compiling measurements centered on case rates and hospitalizations, which it will release at a later date.”

The San Francisco Department of Health said the following of its demand for immunizations in bars, gymnasiums, nightclubs, and other places: “our vaccine requirement was put in place to restrict the transmission of the infection and encourage people to get vaccinated, while safeguarding those not yet qualified for vaccines.”

“As we vaccinate a larger portion of our community, we will continue to monitor the statistics to assess the entire impact of our current vaccine obligations and determine next steps,” the agency noted.

“We will be guided by science, as we have been since the beginning of the epidemic, and, to the extent practicable, will take a comprehensive strategy to our viral mitigation methods.”