Illegal Immigrants Caught Doing the Unthinkable

With Joe Biden running things in the White House, illegal immigration has been a consistent problem. Unfortunately, the Biden administration’s streak of ignoring problems at the border and trying to gaslight Americans into thinking they don’t exist remains alive and well.

Meanwhile, states such as Arizona and Texas that are directly on the southern border have to deal with the consequences. The White House also isn’t doing anything to make their jobs easier.

Though in a new turn of events, the illegal immigration crisis has just gotten even more sinister, as reported by the Daily Wire.

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This is a Disaster

Drone footage of the southern border appears to suggest that illegal immigrants are tossing out their visas and other forms of documentation, upon being let into America. This comes in the wake of Biden gutting Title 42, one of the last remaining measures at the southern border.

This drone footage also shows migrants lining up en masse to enter America. Clearly, word of Biden eviscerating Title 42 has spread and those who want to take advantage of the new change are in motion to do so.

Even before the end of Title 42, Border Patrol officers had their hands full. What’s being captured via drone comes not even one week after Title 42’s demise.

The Likely Response From the White House

Despite what’s being captured on video for Americans to see, the country shouldn’t hold its breath waiting on a meaningful response from Joe Biden.

The White House has been repeatedly asked about the issue of illegal immigration. Yet, it’s opted to duck and deflect the issue, rather than coming up with meaningful reforms to get the situation under control again.

All things considered, we may only be seeing the start of what’s to come at the border. Biden was warned not to do away with Title 42, but as usual, he didn’t heed the advice.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.