Illegals Are Getting More US Perks, This Time US Driver’s Licenses

The invasion of the United States by millions upon millions of illegal immigrants practically has no reason to stop. The state Senate in Minnesota adopted a bill to allow illegals to receive a US driver’s license.

Dems All About Rewarding the Invaders

More than six million illegals have invaded the United States of America, brutally violating the nation’s borders, sovereignty, and laws since Biden occupied the White House over two years ago.

The Democrat-dominated state Senate of Minnesota has now passed a bill that would give illegal immigrants an important perk. That is the right to be issued a US driver’s license without having to give evidence that they reside in the country legally.

The bill in question is called “Driver’s License for All.” It officially stipulates that anyone who applies for a state ID or a driver’s license in Minnesota would not be required to demonstrate “lawful presence” in the US or American citizenship, Fox News reported.

The 67-seat Minnesota state Senate presently has a Democratic majority of 34 seats vs. 33 Republicans. The “Driver’s License for All” legislation was approved by a 34-31 vote, with all Democrats voting in favor, while the 31 opposing votes came from the Republicans.

The Democrats dominating Minnesota’s state Senate insisted their pro-illegal immigration law would increase road safety.

GOP legislators, however, have been adamantly opposed to the bill, saying it would allow potential terrorists to exploit it, while illegal immigrants would also use it to vote or fly illegally.

Illegal Immigrant Terrorists ‘Welcome Here’

State Sen. Glenn Gruenhagen declared the draft law would let illegal immigrant terrorists with Minnesota-issued IDs commit deadly attacks on planes.

He dismissed Democrats’ explanation that the applications would still have to show some proof of identity. Gruenhagen countered such papers could be forged.

The GOP minority in the Minnesota Senate sought to at least amend the bill so as to include “Not for Voting” and “Not for Flying” labels. However, their proposals were shot down by Democrats.

The pro-illegal immigration state bill was already passed by the Minnesota House in January. It will now undergo slight revisions and be submitted for final approval to the state House.

After that it will go to the desk of the state’s Democrat Governor, Tim Walz, who already said he would sign it into law, making another huge present to America’s illegal invaders.

Other Democrat-run places in the US that have given nice perks to illegals include Los Angeles, whose city council voted to allow illegal aliens to hold municipal government jobs.

There are attempts in other liberal-run states and cities to give illegals the right to vote in different US elections.

On Wednesday, besides adopting the “Driver’s License for All” law, the Minnesota state Senate also approved a bill called “Restore the Vote,” which gives back voting rights to convicted felons right after their release from prison.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.