In Case You Forgot, the Border Crisis is Still Here

Agents with the Texas Border Patrol allege an uptick in the use of closed railcars to transport migrants into the United States.

The migrants have no way of escaping, and temps can reach just over 100 degrees.

The Grim Details

Eagle Pass Stations agents got information about a group of migrants imprisoned inside rail cars, according to Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Officer Jason D. Owens. After removing the locks on the automobiles, the agents came and discovered 50 migrants within.

Owens posted a photo of a closed auto-track trailer a few days before. One of the automobiles within the rail car dialed 911, which alerted agents.

Eagle Pass North Station agents arrived and opened the doors. They discovered eight migrants trapped inside with no way out.

Human smugglers routinely use trains, according to Breitbart Texas. During a 48-hour span in March, Del Rio Sector agents discovered 40 migrants confined inside railroad cars.

Del Rio Sector officials announced on February 28, Uvalde Station officers discovered a gang of 25 migrants in a car trailer. The migrants made an attempt to hide in the trucks.

The migrants were identified as citizens of El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico by the authorities. The weather was 31 degrees at the time, according to officials.

Agents from the Uvalde Station discovered 12 other migrants in car transporters after K-9 teams warned them of their location in two earlier occurrences.

Officials reported the migrants were confined inside the rail car with no options of escape.

The Drug Rings

During a smuggling ring including migrants and marijuana, Border Patrol agents and state troopers in Texas discovered a four-year-old kid and his mother.

A group of 15 persons entered the United States with 116 grams of pot.

According to the info supplied by Border Patrol authorities in Texas, a group of up to 15 people crossed the border river that differentiates the United States and Mexico near midnight on April 12.

As they passed the Rio Grande near Roma, Texas, a few of the gang seemed to be carrying enormous bundles of marijuana.

Several of the people in the car sought to flee into the brush as law enforcement officers approached in this well-known narcotics and human smuggling region.

A search of the region resulted in the arrest of 13 migrants who had been in the country illegally.


The 116 grams of pot recovered by the agents had a street worth of more than $93,000.

Border Patrol officers collaborated with state and local police partners the next day to foil six human trafficking efforts that resulted in vehicle chases in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

More than 40 migrants were apprehended as a result of the pursuits.

Agents stationed at the Falfurrias Border Checkpoint on US Highway 281 also rescued nine migrants held captive in a frozen tractor-trailer by smugglers.

Rio Grande City Railroad agents discovered two huge groups of migrants early Thursday morning. Officials claimed that 355 migrants were apprehended as a result of the confrontations.

181 single people, 132 family members, and 42 orphaned alien children made up the group.