Indiana Town Gets Blasted For Creepy Drag Show

One of the most popular accounts on Twitter is called Libs of TikTok. The account highlights the ridiculous and disturbing behavior of the far left in this country, particularly in our schools and pop culture.

Several months ago, a liberal journalist went after the owner of the account and tried to get her in trouble and danger. It didn’t work.

Attempts to ban the account have also been turned around since it simply posts updates on the activity of the far left and shows them in their own words.

Libs of TikTok performs a very valuable service, as we can see with its recent publication about an upcoming drag queen show in Jasper, Indiana.

Drag Queen Show For Kids in Small Town Indiana?

At the end of May, Libs of TikTok publicized a small town drag show that was set to take place in Jasper, Indiana. This small town is located about an hour northeast of Evansville, Indiana in Dubois County.

They advertised an upcoming drag queen show as part of something they were calling a “Pride” celebration in the town’s park. They said it was for everyone, including kids, and bringing money to give tips to the transsexuals and crossdressers was also advised.

Many people were disturbed by this upcoming drag queen show that had been publicized by Libs of TikTok. The pressure proved to be too much for the “Pride committee” who organized the event.

On Wednesday, they said the event has been cancelled. They claim the decision was made after further discussions with the town council, but we all know the real reason.

‘Disappointed,’ But Still Committed to ‘Equality’

The “Pride committee” said they are “disappointed,” but will still work to “promote equality” and keep advancing LGBT causes and visibility.

Many LGBT fans were angry at Libs of TikTok for getting this event cancelled, saying they brought the event into danger by making it a public spectacle.

See, that’s kind of the thing about public “all ages” events. They’re public spectacles by default. All Libs of TikTok did was advise what this small-town group of activists was planning.

What happened is many, many people thought it was creepy and wrong and got angry. Then, the show decided to cancel because it didn’t like the pressure once more of the wider public found out what it was doing.

It’s really that simple.

The Bottom Line

The organizers say this drag show was cancelled because of “safety concerns.”

It is quite possible they received threats, which is unacceptable. However, if they only received angry calls and messages which expressed disapproval, that is different.

That’s not a threat; it’s an opinion and every single American is entitled to have one.