Is America Turning its back on violence?

A recent survey by AP-NORC shows that public support for racial injustice protests is declining. This reveals a sharp decline in public support as A poll taken in June revealed that 54% approved, now its only 39%. Could we be witnessing a shift in public opinion towards the right?

Let’s hear what the public has to say: “I was supportive back in June, but after seeing everything up until now, I’m almost dead against them,” said Dave Hipelious, 63, of New Lenox, Ill., who is a retired pipefitter in the energy industry.

University of Michigan political scientist Christian Davenport said the nation has historically seen public support wane among white Americans for social justice movements — what he calls “compassion fatigue.” AP reported. 

“When this was all about the video and the visceral response to seeing someone’s life get squeezed out of them, that’s fine,” Davenport said. “But from the moment that topic is raised to awareness, the clock starts ticking with regards to, ‘How quickly can we resolve this so I can get back to my normal life?’”

AP went on to add: Among Republicans, 75% say they disapprove of the protests, up from 56% in June. Just 9% approve, down from 29% then. And more Republicans now describe protests as mostly or all violent, 52% vs. 36%. Among Democrats, 70% approve, and close to half describe them as mostly or all peaceful. Still, roughly as many describe them as a mix of both.

The Impact of violence on daily life

Since the coronavirus outbreak, small businesses and households have struggled financially. When massive violence broke out in democrat run cities, many businesses were looted and destroyed, further adding to the strain placed on middle-class Americans.

In some cities, business owners were forced to plead for protesters to spare their businesses form destruction as they did not have insurance. As we know little was spared in the violence, some even lost their lives defending private property.

The impact on Americans due to this behavior has been huge, apart from uncertainty and fear, ordinary Americans are outraged at the destruction witnessed over the past few months. It should come as no surprise that there has been a clear shift away from the left recently.

Trumps Poll Numbers

Since the outbreak of violence across the United States, President Trump’s poll numbers have steadily risen to a point that was unseen before his election in 2016. Before Trump was elected, The vast majority of polls showed that Donald Trump had a very small to no chance of winning the election. Fortunately, they were wrong.

Those same polls, Are showing Donald Trump at around the 39% mark. If that’s anything to go by, we can predict a solid victory for the President this election. Other more reliable polls have the President at 52% approval today.

Trump’s poll numbers did take a knock at the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak but have steadily come back and even overtaken presidential hopeful, Joe Biden. This can only be due to the fact that the Democrats have made some serious blunders over the past months, the choice of Joe Biden as a candidate as well as silence over the violence in the cities, and the fact that the President has been on fire during this campaign, visiting a new sate every second day.