Its Time to Talk About The Growing Chinese Threat

"Chinese Military, Beijing, China (4)" by Luther Bailey is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

China has been challenging the west since the Nixon era. They knew a direct military confrontation with the USA and her allies would only be met with total destruction of the Chinese military, so they have changed the ball game, an economic war, and a war they can win.

Why will China lose a military conflict with the west? The Chinese economy runs off selling commodities to western nations. As soon as hostilities break out, America and its allies will immediately stop trade with China. This includes Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, and much of Europe. The Chinese economy will collapse almost instantly. The Chinese Military is also suffering from a multitude of problems, chief among which is the lack of combat experience, and untested weapons. The US has been in almost constant combat since the end of the second world war, where the Chinese last major conflict was the Korean war. Their battle tech just hasn’t been tested in real combat, it is likely to fail in some areas. The fight will also happen on Chinas doorstep, placing Chinese industry in the firing line, where the USA mainland will remain most likely unharmed.

“China” by The U.S. Army is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Chinse know that they will lose, so they have devised a plan to subtly wrestle control from the west by economic means. The US is in deep financial trouble. US national debt is on the verge of reaching 30 Trillion dollars before the end of the year. While the Chinese also suffer from debt, it is not at the levels of the USA. The CCP has also infiltrated the USA and its allies with spies. A Chinese whistleblower has recently said that the CCP has successfully infiltrated Australian Universities. “China has been very successful in infiltrating NSW [New South Wales] tertiary institutions,” Chen said. We are well aware that Chinese spies have infiltrated US institutions on a massive scale, even reaching top US officials at a romantic level.

“chinese-military” by Digi_shot is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

China has almost completely taken control of Africa. They managed this by issuing massive loans to the struggling African States, with almost no possibility to pay them back. As a result and as a form of repayment, the CCP ceases state property and institutions in these nations, such as airports, ports, and even police stations, power plants, and mines. This way they have wrestled control of much of the continent and the vital ports feeding these countries. It is sinister and degrades the growth of these struggling African nations.

The end goal for the Chinese plan is to become the global superpower of the world, spreading communism far and wide, invading and destroying its ideological enemies. Every action they have undertaken has been to weaken the west, degrade their defenses and destroy them from the inside out, that way avoiding the military conflict that they would lose. They are thus far successful in this endeavor.