Jan. 6 Defense Drops FBI Informant as a Witness

Because the judge ruled her past as an FBI source wasn’t allowed to be brought up, the defense team of a defendant charged on January 6 subsequently chose not to summon the witness at trial on Monday, based on multiple sources.

Witness Rejected

The government disclosed on Wednesday that a woman who Tarrio’s attorneys were interested in interviewing as a witness served as a formal FBI informant from April 2021 to January 2023.

This information came to light as ex-Proud Boys National Chairman Enrique Tarrio and his representatives proceeded with their court hearing. This was for supposedly collaborating to reject the January 2021 handover of presidential power.

According to reports, the lady, revealed by the New York Times as Jen Loh, began providing intelligence to the FBI in the Autumn of 2019. However, presiding Judge Timothy Kelly said on Monday that her association with the agency had no bearing on the case.

Afterward, as per Parloff, Sabino Jauregui, Tarrio’s lawyer, stated he would consent to Loh’s release from the subpoena without requesting that she give a testimony on Monday.

The DOJ acknowledged on Thursday that Loh informed the FBI on or around January 9 that she’d taken a deposition in the investigation and been summoned.

FBI San Antonio Special Agent Kristina Spindel claimed her connection as an informant with the agency ended on or around January 18.

According to Rehl’s attorney, Carmen Hernandez, throughout her service as an FBI informant, Loh had spoken to several defense attorneys.

She took part in prayer gatherings with several of the defendants’ families and discussed substituting one of the defense attorneys with a plaintiff’s family member.

Is Evidence Being Hidden?

The DOJ responded that none of these records existed.

This comes despite the motion’s request for the production of any FBI or DOJ reports, tapes, and memos pertaining to reportings and audio clips of the defense team.