January 6 Shooting Victim Lawyer Might Sue Police

Ashli Babbitt was fatally shot by police during the January 6 Trump rally that became violent after supporters and others were let into the Capitol grounds by the Capitol Police.

Since the shooting, the officer involved was not charged with excessive force, something that would usually happen in similar circumstances. Babbitt’s lawyer says that this because of the political nature of the events and the shooting.

“US Capitol Police K-9 ‘Giena'” by Corde11 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Attorney Terry Roberts told Newsmax that there would be civil action on the matter: “I’m handling the civil action that will be filed, that’s my role,” Roberts said. “The family and I were disappointed in the Department of Justice’s decision on this, but my role is, really, to bring a civil action and in that way, vindicate her rights.”

“We think the evidence is ample and supports criminal charges against the officer,” Roberts argued, claiming the officer could see Babbitt was not armed and offered her no warning.

“This is a situation in which the officer could have easily arrested her, if he had grounds to arrest her, without using deadly force,” he said. “So, this was an egregious act of excessive force and he should have been charged.”

“Washington DC – Capitol Hill: United States Capitol” by wallyg is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Epoch Times and Mark Schamel reported that the attorney was well within his rights to follow civil action.

“He fired only one shot at the only person who breached the locked doors and makeshift barricade that had been erected.” “He did so after clearly identifying himself and ordering the mob not to come through the barricade.”

“He used tremendous restraint in only firing one shot, and his actions stopped the mob from breaking through and turning a horrific day in American history into something so much worse,” he added.

Roberts told Newsmax that what “disturbs most people” about Babbitt’s case “is that there’s a double standard at work.” The Daily Wire pointed out.

“If you were to change the circumstances, change the location a little bit, it’s a certainty that there would be charges,” he argued. “Obviously, the political climate is such that charges are not favored here. It really bothers us that there is a double standard at work.”