Jennifer Garner To Have a MAJOR Career Change

Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Garner is contemplating an unprecedented career change – running for political office. Big names in Hollywood are reportedly throwing their support behind Garner, prompting the actress to consider taking a step into public service.

Jennifer Garner Has Passion for Politics

Jennifer Garner, star of the classic rom-com 13 Going On 30, has reportedly developed a passion for politics in recent years. While campaigning to fund early childhood education programs for impoverished children, she discovered an untapped interest.

The Academy Award-nominated actress is now said to be utilizing her fame and reputation, as well as her natural appeal within both conservative and liberal circles, towards achieving positive political change initiatives across America.

Jennifer’s strong presence in the political arena was felt this month when she and her daughter Violet attended a White House State Dinner.

Her acclaimed speechmaking abilities have garnered support from prominent figures, including celebrity endorsements, for a potential run for elected office. This may explain why Jennifer has been so closely associated with Karen Bass’ successful campaign to become mayor of Los Angeles.

However, rumors about Garner’s interest in being more into politics have been around for quite some time. Her interests were also triggered by encouragement from Garner’s friends and the part they had in the successful political run of Karen Bass as a Los Angeles Mayor.

Jennifer Garner Was a Key Persona in LA Mayoral Race

According to sources, JJ Abrams and his wife, Katie, have been friends with Garner for 25 years.

The couple assisted Garner in becoming a key persona in the mayoral race in LA, where Garner has given support and assisted with raising money for Karen Bass, who eventually won the race.

A source close to Garner commented how the actress genuinely wants to make a positive impact in society for her children’s sake, noting Garner felt like she reached the peak of the impact she can have as an actress or a producer.

This made her consider a political career as the next step. According to sources, Garner’s possible next step is possibly related to a political career, as the actress has the predisposition to do so.

Friends close to Garner noted how ironic it is.

This is because when she and her ex-husband, actor Ben Affleck, first started 20 years ago, everyone was eyeing Affleck regarding the possibility of him running as a senator for the state of Georgia.

However, it is Garner who really has the heart of a politician. This is evidenced by how the actress has served on the board of trustees of the Save The Children charity.

The famous actress also spoke out about the importance of education amongst poor children. This happened back in 2017 at Capitol Hill.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.