Jill Biden Bemoans Factors Hindering Husband’s Policies at Private Donors’ Party

First lady Jill Biden has spoken at a private donors’ party on the luxury island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

She bemoaned the myriad of unexpected circumstances which ruined her husband’s ability to implement his own supposedly worthy policy initiatives.

Hard Time for Jill to Due Recent Days

Jill’s ruing of what she claims are debilitating events shattering Sleepy Joe’s agenda has come against the backdrop of a record drop in his approval ratings.

Last week, the left-leaning survey of the New York Times and Siena College showed it is down to 33%, while the polls of Civiqs had it at 29% over the previous weekend.

The NYT/Siena poll also found that a whopping 64% of the Democrat Party would like to see somebody else get nominated for president in 2024.

According to Sleepy Jill, however, those challenges have been fully objective, not subjective, and certainly not the fault of her husband and his radical left government.

‘We Just Didn’t See Putin Coming.’

Jill Biden recently opened up during a dinner party of wealthy Democrat Party donors, which had about a couple dozen guests in attendance and took place on Nantucket island, a report from CNN claims.

Speaking at the event in a private house, Jill passionately tried to convince the donors that Joe entered the White House with “hopes and plans.” However, “the problems of the moment” made it practically impossible.

She argued every time the president “turned around” to put into action his political dreams, there were always immediate problems that he had to address.

She then enumerated a number of such unforeseen factors, including the war in Ukraine, the recent mass shootings in the US, and the overturn of Roe v. Wade, which once again made abortion a state-level issue.

In Jill’s view, such developments have been serving as insurmountable “roadblocks” for Sleepy Joe’s political agenda.

What Jill left out is the timeline of various events her husband has faced while in the White House.

Putin actually threatened to attack for a full year – starting in March 2021 – just to sound out the American reaction – and Biden choose a path of appeasement which never works.

Jill Biden, though, bemoaned that “we didn’t see it coming” and she said the same of the new Supreme Court ruling against unbridled federally-sanctioned abortion.

The first lady also lamented the fact that she herself has been straddled with much bigger challenges now, in the 1.5 years since entering the White House.

This is compared to the time when she was only second lady in the eight years that Sleepy Joe was Barack Obama’s veep.

Even as she didn’t mention Biden’s overtly growing senility and alleged cognitive decline, that may as well be a big part of the current political and administrative burden.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.