Jill Biden Inspires Countless Memes

We’re beginning to believe the left’s elite may attempt to elect Joe Biden once more in 2024, possibly because they didn’t feel as much rejection in the midterms as they had anticipated.

Attempt to Market Biden Goes Wrong

Now, there appears to be a greater emphasis on marketing. Monday at the White House, Joe and Jill Biden were questioned for Drew Barrymore’s talk show.

Jill wanted to inform us that every Christmas, Joe gives her a unique gift in the form of a poem. Joe stated he writes it since there is much to write about. She remarked he was also rather adept at other talents.

Seriously, fellows? Do you expect us to think he will compose a poem? Unless she guides him off the platform, Biden will continue to become disoriented.

Biden struggles to recite off a teleprompter. We do not trust it for one second. If he had written anything, it was likely plagiarized. Since Biden is so disliked, we assume his supporters believe this makes him appear endearing.

They are doing everything they can to raise his profile.

Biden stated everyone knows that he loves her more than she loves him. That I firmly believe to be true, which is unfortunate. This is heartbreaking.

If Jill were worried about him, she wouldn’t have dragged him through all of this; they might have settled in peace and played with their grandchildren, had she not put him through this.

Matthew Foldi, a conservative reporter, solicited the finest poetry criticizing Joe Biden, and a number of individuals replied to The Hill’s report on the poems.

Here are the best ones:

The following pitch is intended to make Joe seem endearing: What is Joe’s poor habit that Jill wants to correct?

Does anyone believe that this is the worst habit of Biden’s that she wishes to correct? What about talking to nothing? Leaving the stage and/or becoming lost?

That appears to drive her insane. What’s the deal with smelling other women and very little girls? How about his becoming a gaffe-a-Rama source of disappointment? One may believe that Joe Biden’s habits are only slightly more irritating than the light.

Memes Go Viral

Jill Biden also broke one of the most fundamental rules of the world wide web: Do not carry a sign that can be photo-shopped. Since you already know what’s coming, let the memes commence!

Other memes read, “Loses battles with stairs,” and one even replaced the white cardboard in Jill’s hands with a sign showing the current gasoline prices.

They are exerting great effort in this endeavor. I do not believe it is functioning. However, they are entertaining us before Christmas, as are the many Twitter users and their memes.