Joe Biden’s Corruption Comes to Light

Retired union representatives who’d been given ethical exemptions to work in the Biden government are generating concerns among House Republicans; House GOP members are concerned that labor unions have an unfair influence over government policies.

Conservatives Are Demanding Answers

Top conservatives wrote to the Biden government on Tuesday, asking for explanations about some of his political appointments who are previous union leaders; conservatives also sought explanations regarding the conditions behind appointees’ exemptions from federal ethics rules.

The GOP legislators claim that union executives were given special treatment to work in the Biden government and connect directly with union businesses in order to push policies that would benefit directly the organizations.

Rep. James Comer., the chairman of the Oversight Committee, and U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx, the chairman of the House School and Employment Committee, made the statements.

They claim that school boards and teacher unions already have too much ability to gain access to the Centers for Disease and Prevention when it comes to advice on opening campuses; they also stated that the use of ethics exemptions is a means for trade unions leaders to penetrate other parts of the government.

Organizations expect to profit immediately from Biden administration policies by hiring former union executives to jobs that engage directly with the former bosses, the legislators argued. This is concerning, given the negative impact of school boards on the academic chances of several million of our country’s youngsters.

Comer and Foxx decided to write to Shalanda Young and Kathleen McGettigan, the representatives of the Offices of Management and Budget and the Office of Personnel Management; they respectively requested all records and documents related to the ethical standards waivers, along with correspondence between Drake and Predeoux and their former union bosses.

The Need to Get Kids Back In School

In a message to Fox News, Comer stated that President Biden has a history of prioritizing unions above citizens. To begin with, he permitted a radical teachers union to prescribe scientific guidance, thus locking youngsters out of their classes.

He’s now awarded ethical exemptions to previous union bosses, allowing them to use state power in favor of their employers. This is a clear case of a conflict of interest. The Biden government must respond to questions about these divisive choices.

In the past, the White House supported the teachers’ union’s engagement in the CDC’s school opening instructions, arguing that talking to different stakeholders who may be affected by the public health recommendations is a long-standing good idea for the organization. The White House stated that the ethical exemptions for union executives are essential in order to facilitate liaisons between government entities and labor organizations.

In May, when asked about the ethics exemptions, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden has always supported labor and is glad to have top labor voices in his government. She explained that waivers are only issued in extreme cases where they are essential and in the best interests of the government.