Judge Appointed By Bill Clinton Fines Trump Almost $1 Million

As per a court decision made by a judge chosen by former President Bill Clinton, former President Trump was penalized $937,000 for bringing unwarranted litigation against Hillary Clinton and her candidacy.

Courts Fine Trump

Based on the court decision, District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks found Trump and his legal team had a continuous practice of manipulating the courts to dishonestly push a political narrative.

Based on the initial lawsuit, Trump accused Clinton and her team of spreading a myth that he conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 election, in what Middlebrooks called a 200-page political playbook.

This case shouldn’t have ever been filed.

Its insufficiency as a legal claim was clear from the beginning, according to Middlebrooks in the decision. No logical attorney would’ve filed it. None of the counts in the modified lawsuit made a legally cognizable claim; they were all included for political purposes.

Judge Middlebrooks was also given jurisdiction over Mr. Trump’s complaint against Ms. James, which claimed she infringed upon his right to privacy in Florida, where he resides, and aimed to prevent her legal case in New York against him and his business.

The judge acknowledged Mr. Trump’s record of utilizing the courts as a weapon, dating back decades in his professional life, in his penalties order on Thursday, despite the fact that Mr. Trump frequently blamed his attorneys for his issues.

To dishonestly propagate a political narrative, 31 people and things were unnecessarily injured.

The judge said Mr. Trump and his lawyers have a history of abusing the judicial system, which damages the rule of law, illustrates judges as partisans, and shifts focus away from individuals who have actually been harmed by the legal system.

Based on the decision, Middlebrooks penalized Trump $50,000 in November after declaring that Trump’s legal team exhibited a flippant attitude towards the facts exhibited all through the dispute.

These were legal claims that were really political grievances.

As stated in the request to dismiss, Middlebrook initially threw out the case in September. Trump’s legal representatives contested the decision and submitted an appeal request after it was made.

In a statement received by Axios, Trump attorney Alina Habba stated they vehemently disagree with the ruling delivered by the court and not only is it replete with incorrect legal interpretations, but it also fails to take into account the many independent governmental inquiries that support their assertions.

Russian Propaganda Played No Role

The outcome of the 2016 presidential election were not impacted by Russian propaganda on Twitter, according to a 2023 study by the New York University Center for Social Media and Politics.

The study found Russian bot accounts had no effect on “political views, polarization, and voting choices and behaviors” because only 1% of accounts, or 32 million users, were exposed to 70% of the information.