Kamala Harris in Denial Over Democratic Opinions

In an appearance on Friday last week with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Vice President Kamala Harris downplayed both her and President Biden’s disapproval amongst fellow Democrats.

Kamala Fallen From Democratic Graces

Countless Democratic leaders have stated they do not believe Harris should be on the ballot and they don’t believe that Biden is the best candidate for the next presidential election.

That’s considering the bigger field which may be available, due to Biden’s age, as well as other flaws, such as his declining mental health. Mitchell inquired as to why this is.

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According to Harris, it’s critical to concentrate on the interests of the American public, rather than political babble emanating from Washington, D.C. Mitchell also questioned Harris on her future aspirations for the presidency.

She pointed out that President Joe Biden intends to compete for re-election as president and has made that clear. Harris then stated she want to run beside him for vice president of the United States again.

Politico claimed on Thursday that Democrats are reluctant to freely declare their worry over Biden’s seniority in the run-up to the 2024 presidential race. They are terrified of Vice President Harris’s alternatives.

One member of the House informed Jonathan Martin of Politico that Democrats must reappoint Joe Biden before ordering the journalist to put away his cell phone and demanding to know who else would be campaigning.

The participant added that Harris wasn’t a good alternative.

Some other House Democrats commented on Harris, telling Politico that Democrats who will be required to stand up against her are members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and no white Democrat will be doing it.

Mitchell asked more about Biden’s poor approval rating and highlighted that Harris’ ratings were considerably lower. Following this line of questioning, Harris continued.

The vice president said she wanted to thank the Biden administration for all the work it has done in office so far. She said they should, in her opinion, concentrate on what genuinely makes America, the American public, and American households stronger.

Next, when Harris said when she asks American families what they desire and worry about, they mention things like lowering healthcare costs, lowering unemployment, and working to expand and enhance the country’s workforce. This includes American manufacturing.

The American people desire that, according to Harris.

Kamala Intends to Campaign

Donna Brazile, a former chair of the DNC, stated recently that if Biden chooses not to campaign, Harris would remain on the ticket.

“Kamala Harris will not be substituted on the party’s platform, despite the fact that her popularity may not be accurately reflected in the polls.”

“Also, we can assure you that Kamala Harris is going to be the Democratic Party’s future candidate if Joe Biden chooses not to run.”