Kamala Harris Loses More Staff this Month

According to five federal officials familiar with the issue, Symone Sanders, Vice President Kamala Harris’ senior aide and main spokeswoman, is set to leave the White House at the end of this year.

Why is She Leaving?

Sanders’ next destination is not immediately known. Sanders is the most well-known of the Harris team’s departures, and the second high-profile one in the last few weeks.

In the coming weeks, Harris’ director of communications, Ashley Etienne, will also leave. The resignation was confirmed by the vice president’s office, who stated the president and vice president had “known for a while.”

Sanders served for Biden for over three years, according to the official.

“I’m so thankful to the vice president for her confidence vote from the very start and the chance to explore what can be unencumbered by what has been,” Sanders wrote in an email to staffers on Wednesday night.

“Every day, I landed at the White House compound believing our efforts were making a huge difference in the lives of Americans. I’m thankful beyond words, and I’ll miss working for Harris, as well as with every one of you.”

What’s Next?

Sanders, who served as a Biden campaign top aide during the 2020 race (and is one of the most well-known members of the Biden government,) switched to Harris’ vice presidential squad after working as a Biden administration senior adviser.

She assisted Harris in juggling a difficult portfolio. This included not just addressing the core reasons of immigration from Northern Triangle nations and the federal campaign for the right to vote, but also the burden of being the country’s first woman vice president.

It wasn’t always a walk in the park. Harris’ administration has been plagued by chaos, negative press, and, at moments, internal strife. She was given policy concerns that were doomed to fail, according to outside experts.

Likewise, Harris was not given what she required to win as the vice president. Also, over the last week, speculation has risen that Harris isn’t well placed to be Biden’s rightful heir in 2028 (or in 2024, if Joe Biden decides not to run again.)

Symone Sanders, who accompanied Harris on several trips, was often the assistant who pushed back against such themes. That also included this past November, when Sanders came to Harris’ defense; this happened in the wake of the current round of articles about Harris’ political future being questionable.

“It’s saddening that some in the mainstream press are centered on chitchat after a fruitful trip to France. We reiterated our connection with America’s oldest ally and proved U.S. leadership on the global stage.”

“We also followed the pathway of a historic, nonpartisan infrastructure program that will generate jobs and strengthen our communities,” Sanders wrote.