Kamala Harris’s Team Declares War on Vogue Magazine

"Senator Kamala Harris Accepts the Nomination for Vice President of the Democratic Party - Wilmington, DE - August 19, 2020" by Biden For President is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Vice President Elects Team has gone to war with fashion magazine Vogue over a so-called disrespectful photo of Kamala Harris.

According to the New York Times, Harris’s team is clashing with the magazine for its decision to publish their cover image of Harris that the team did not choose. The team had chosen an image that casts the Vice President-Elect in a more professional light.

“February’s issue features Ms. Harris in a dark jacket by Donald Deal, skinny pants, Converse, and her trademark pearls. She stands against a leaf green backdrop bisected by a spill of the pink curtain, colors meant to evoke her Howard University sorority, caught in what seems like mid-laugh, hands clasped together at her waist,” The New York Times reported.

Harris is sporting a pair of Converse sneakers in the photo and appears to be caught off guard by the camera.

The Daily Wire noted: Social media critics, who slammed the photo, called it “disrespectful.”

“Though Gabriella Karefa-Johnson receives credit as the sittings editor, a.k.a. the fashion editor in charge, Ms. Harris chose and wore her own clothes. The selected photo is determinedly unfancy. Kind of messy. The lighting is unflattering. The effect is pretty un-Vogue. ‘Disrespectful’ was the word used most often on social media,” the NYT notes.

Investigative reporter Yashar Ali said that Harris’s team felt mislead by Vogue as they believed a different photo would be used that cast the VP in a more professional light.

“According to a source familiar with the publication plans, this is not the cover that the Vice President-elect’s team expected,” he said on social media. “n the cover that they expected, Vice President-elect Harris was wearing a powder blue suit. That was the cover that the Vice President-elect’s team and the Vogue team, including Anna Wintour, mutually agreed upon…which is standard for fashion magazines.”

“Several news outlets, including the Associated Press and CNN, reported that Harris’s team felt ‘blindsided’ by Vogue’s selection and was unaware that the magazine switched out the cover photo from what the team originally agreed on,” left-leaning outlet Vox added. “Vogue’s intentions with its cover, as clarified in a public relations statement, were to highlight the vice president-elect’s ‘authentic, approachable nature.’”

As the New York Times posted: “Vogue had not granted any kind of contractual cover approval rights to Ms. Harris,” they said. “That meant Ms. Harris’s team had not seen the final choice, which was left to Vogue, and had not known the magazine had decided to swap the photos.”