Kari Lake Exposes Election Interference by Big Tech, Corrupt Officials in a Powerful Speech

Arizona Republican Kari Lake recently took a stand against election interference. During a hearing at the Arizona House Committee on Oversight, Accountability, and Big Tech, Lake urged legislators to take immediate action against this growing menace.

Her impassioned plea came in response to the alleged collusion between then-Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, current Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, and Big Tech companies.

This alliance was purportedly formed to suppress the voices of Arizonans, including Lake herself, during the midterm elections. The crux of the issue revolved around the distribution of Sharpies that bled through ballots, leading to widespread confusion and allegations of fraud.

Lake’s testimony highlighted the disturbing reality of Big Tech’s influence over our elections.

She pointed out how Google, with its extensive tracking capabilities, has more power than any other entity when it comes to choosing our leaders. This is a stark deviation from the principles upon which our country was founded.

The situation was further exacerbated on Election Day when approximately 60% of voting polling locations had faulty equipment, resulting in long lines and wait times of up to six hours.

Many Arizonans were forced to abandon their civic duty due to these logistical nightmares, thereby skewing the election results.

Lake’s speech was not just a critique of the current state of affairs but also a call to action. She urged everyone, regardless of political affiliation, to remember their oath to protect and uphold the United States Constitution.

She emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating that our democracy is hanging by a thread.

In addition to election interference, Lake also addressed the issue of big tech’s influence on our children. She expressed concern about the indoctrination of young minds, which she believes is even more alarming than what’s happening in our schools.

Lake’s fight for election integrity is far from over.

She is currently battling a lawsuit against Maricopa County’s gubernatorial election. Her legal team is expected to appeal the dismissal of her election challenge and is prepared to take the case all the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary.

Kari Lake’s powerful testimony serves as a wake-up call for all Americans. It underscores the urgent need for reform in our election process and the importance of safeguarding our democracy from the undue influence of Big Tech.