Kemp Passes Legislation Against Soros-Backed DAs

Many people in Florida were upset when Gov. Ron DeSantis fired a Soros-backed prosecutor for not upholding the law regarding child disfigurement and abortion.

Currently, Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, is forging his own course to combat the issue of district attorneys who are enabling crime to run amok.

Kemp Takes a Stand

A measure that creates a monitoring board with the authority to dismiss prosecutors across his state was signed by Kemp.

Georgia’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp, approved legislation Friday that will set up an oversight board with the authority to oust district attorneys and local prosecutors from their positions.

Democrats have sharply slammed the proposal, including a district attorney in the Atlanta area. The DA is considering filing indictments with regard to former President Trump’s activities in Georgia during the 2020 election.

Before it was signed, Kemp’s office stated that SB 92 would provide an overseeing system for district attorneys and solicitors-general throughout Georgia. This would guarantee responsibility in honoring constitutional and statutory duties.

Kemp stated, following the enactment of the bill, that he will not stand passively by when dedicated police officers are met with opposition from rebel or inept attorneys who decline to adhere to the law.

Police frequently risk their lives in order to investigate, face, and apprehend criminal perpetrators.

The commission’s establishment, Kemo continued, will assist in holding accountable prosecutors motivated by out-of-touch ideology, rather than devotion to their duties, while keeping neighborhoods safer.

Democrats are upset about this, as their primary approach for undermining victories in red states consisted of appointing radical attorneys in jurisdictions that lean heavily toward the deep blue.

Millions of dollars have been famously poured into such contests across the nation by George Soros.

Democrats Upset

That produced predicted terrible outcomes, including sharp increases in crime in states that are frequently governed by Republicans.

While Atlanta has not been quite as awful on this issue, there is still undoubtedly a problem with prosecutors treating criminals too leniently in the interest of social justice.