Key Nation ‘Spits’ in Putin’s Face, Tells Him It Wants to Be US Ally

Atrocious Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was sent fuming on Saturday.

The leader of a key European nation on Russia’s border told him to his face that his country is going to become an official US ally by joining the NATO alliance.

The leader to openly defy Putin during a video call was the President of Finland, Sauli Niinisto.

On Saturday morning, he explicitly telephoned the Russian tyrant to tell him the Finns made up their mind to join NATO.

Defying Putin to His Face

The 30-strong NATO alliance includes the United States, Canada, and 28 European nations. It was set up in 1949 in order to provide them with joint security guarantees against the aggression of the former Soviet Union.

NATO has been a purely defensive alliance, worried since the time of its founding about potential Russian aggression.

Meanwhile, Putin and his regime have been worried about their survival – political and otherwise. They have been brandishing NATO’s presence near Russia’s borders as a nationalistic scarecrow for the Russian public.

The Russian public has been brainwashed with anti-Western propaganda for decades.

Finland’s geopolitical position at Russia’s doorstep is quite similar to that of Ukraine. It has an 800-mile-long border with Moscow and is very close to St. Petersburg, Russia’s second most important city.

Thanks to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the Finnish public opinion shifted in favor of joining the US-led bloc, even if Finland actually remained technically neutral during the Cold War.

Under that informal arrangement known as “Finlandization”, the former Soviet Union abstained from seeking to conquer Finland if it remains unaligned with America and the rest of the West. It was allowed to develop as a democratic, market economy.

How far the Finns have now gone away from their “Finlandization” was demonstrated on Saturday by Finnish President Niinisto in his direct call with Putin.

Putin Falsely Says Russia’s No Threat to Finland’s Security

The call was made earlier this week. Russia reacted furiously to a declaration by Niinisto and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin that their nation is now going to apply for NATO membership.

Moscow cut off the electricity that it has been exporting to Finland. The move was largely symbolic. Finland presently uses Russian electricity to cover about 10% of its needs. It can easily do without the Russian supply.

A readout by the Finnish president’s office using highly diplomatic language said Niinisto told Putin Finland was going to join NATO because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This invasion has fundamentally changed Finland’s “security environment.”

Niinisto added later that his conversation with Putin “was direct and straightforward.” He claimed it went “without aggravations,” but that wasn’t exactly the case.

The laconic readout of the conversation issued by the Kremlin said Putin told his Finnish counterpart that Finland is “making a mistake” by deciding to ally with America.

Putin, whose lies that Russia and himself had no intention of invading Ukraine are well-documented, also tried to assure Niinisto there was “no threat to Finland’s security.”

It is a whole other matter that Russia practically has no capable military units left because of the war in Ukraine and the humiliating losses Russia suffered there.