Kristi Noem Takes on Liberal/Left wing Education

Republican Governor Kristi Noem is rewriting South Dakota’s suggested social studies course of learning, tossing out her government’s old standards and appointing new writers.

This is No Easy Task

The statement came a week after Noem noted the modification process could take up to a year. According to Fox News, Noem’s office is cutting ties with analyst Beth Ratway and the C3 architecture, both of which have been linked to worries about left-wing material later appearing in schools.

In a news release issued Friday, Noem, a conservative, said, “I have ordered the Dept. of Education to resume the procedure from the start. I want to make sure the criteria we propose correctly reflects South Dakota ideals.”

“Our children need to understand the accurate and honest past of both America and South Dakota, presented in a balanced framework that does not pit our students against one another based on race, gender, or origin. There is still more work that can be done to do this properly, and we are dedicated to seeing it through.”

The International Institutes for Research (AIR), Ratway’s employer, claimed it was ignorant of any modifications to its relationship with the South Dakota Education Department.

“AIR is a neutral group. Our staff collaborated with state authorities on the rewriting of social studies requirements, adhering to the boundaries set forth by the South Dakota Education Department at the commencement of the process.”

“Our specialists work under the highest standards of excellence as a nonpartisan institution and any claim to the contrary is absolutely without substance.” Native Americans were angry with evictions supported by conservatives and Noem had received opposition from both sides.

The Agenda Comes with Heavy Opposition

Ratway’s impact on the Education Department (and also the “action-civics-based C3 Framework”) has been a source of concern for Stanley Kurtz, a senior researcher of the Ethics and Public Policy Institute.

Kurtz also mentioned Ratway’s social justice presentation, which has since been taken down from YouTube. The presentation, acquired by Fox News through Kurtz, contains a lot of verbiages that are reminiscent of the contentious equity training held across the country.

“We describe social action schooling as the pedagogical practice of enabling students forward into sceptically trying to discuss, investigate, and actively pursue the explanations behind structural inequalities.”

“This is about how unfair institutions and processes preserve and procreate privilege and power that have a direct influence on pupils’ lives,” says Ratway’s slide under “Trying to connect Social Justice and Social Studies.”

The announcement on Friday promised “to set standards and form a new stakeholder committee. This committee will suggest new social studies criteria, but everyone who has taken an interest, especially Native Americans, will be a component of the method.”

“The proposed new criteria will be examined and amended, depending on feedback from the community, the DOE, and the Board of Education standards before being accepted.”