Kyrsten Sinema Explains Why She Left the Democratic Party

Senator Kyrsten Sinema left the Democrat Party and registered herself as an Independent. Sinema claimed she rejects the extremism in both the political parties of the country, which is urging her not to remain a partisan politician anymore.

Kyrsten Sinema is No Longer a Democrat

Writing an op-ed in the Arizona Republic, Sinema noted Arizonians want their leaders to take their own position on different issues without surrendering themselves to the position of the political party.

Furthermore, Sinema indicated Arizonians want their leaders to set aside their political differences and work together for the betterment of the country. However, Sinema continued, Washington lawmakers are failing to fulfill the expectations of their constituents.

According to Sinema, political parties are getting increasingly partisan, which is the primary reason why Americans are left behind. Likewise, Sinema added, politicians take extreme positions in their parties and expect others to bandwagon with them.

In addition to that, Sinema asserted no current political party respects the diversity of opinion. Bipartisanship, Sinema continued, is considered a weakness of political parties, so it is always a last resort in American politics.

Sinema further mentioned Americans are told they must get along with either Democrats or Republicans. Whereas a wide majority of Arizonians believe subscribing to one specific political ideology is not the right way to do politics, Sinema added.

Apart from that, the former Democratic senator claimed she is unable to call names to other people or demonize any person based on their political ideology.

So, Sinema said she would not bow down to any partisan pressure now, as she is registering as an Independent.

Sinema Rejected Left-Wing Extremism

After Sinema’s departure from the Democrat Party, the construction of the Senate is also disturbed. Democrats had 51 seats in the upper chamber of Congress, but Sinema’s departure will limit their number to 50.

Now, once again, the importance of Joe Manchin’s vote in the Senate will be increased, which will eventually hinder Democrats’ ability to pass most of the bills from the chamber.

Sinema also insisted she has worked with many lawmakers who also rejected extremism in American politics. The senator also pointed out that many Americans are registering as Independents, which also urged her to do the same.

When political parties are focused on defeating their opposition parties, instead of improving the lives of the general citizenry, Americans are the real losers, Sinema wrote.

As per Sinema, she remained involved in crafting many crucial laws which protected the critical infrastructure of the country, safeguarded the marriage rights of LGBTQ Americans, and strengthened the mental health of many Americans.

If political leaders continue to drive their parties towards extremism, Sinema claimed, these types of political successes will no longer be a possibility.

Meanwhile, Sinema promised she would keep on delivering the best interests of Americans while working as a senator. She suggested she would remain focused on increasing job opportunities for Americans while making the United States a global economic giant.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.