Law Professor Demands Proof After Durham Report is Released

After the election of 2016, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff repeatedly spoke to the press and argued on the House floor that there was proof of collaboration or conspiracy in plain sight, involving the Trump campaign and Russia.

This untrue assertion was first put forth and supported by failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Durham Report Ruffles Feathers

After the publication of special counsel John Durham’s report, Schiff’s utterly refuted assertions suddenly seem to be substantially more damaging.

Jonathan Turley, a legal expert and professor at the George Washington University Law School, urged Schiff to explain his alleged falsehoods.

He’s saying now would seem to be an appropriate moment for former House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff to make public the proof that he claimed proved the Russian conspiracy.

Several of the broadcast occasions in which Schiff said there was proof of collaboration include the following:

Durham claimed while the FBI opened an inquiry into the Trump campaign using raw, unanalyzed, and unsubstantiated intelligence, it did not apply the same criteria to claims of electoral intervention in connection with the Clinton campaign.

Durham concluded both the United States, as well as the intelligence community, seems to have kept concealed any concrete proof of collaboration, based on their holdings at the beginning of the Crossfire Hurricane inquiry.

The FBI did not confirm and was unable to confirm any of the major accusations made in the notorious Steele dossier regarding then-candidate Donald Trump.

FBI Was Never Fair

As said, some of the Steele reports were not given to the Crossfire Hurricane investigators before mid-September.

The Steele reports were utilized to bolster the probable cause argument in the FBI’s FISA applications against Carter Page.

Page is a citizen of the United States who had, for a while, served as a Trump consultant, before the days of the aforementioned accusations, the report claims.