Lawyer For Proud Boys Makes Shocking New Allegation

Law enforcement is still pursuing individuals who were involved in the January 6 demonstrations at the US Capitol over two years ago. These folks are being found by video surveillance and other means.

Critics say this is nothing more than a witch hunt. Many Americans also believe that demonstrators were set up two years ago and goaded into entering the Capitol.

Nevertheless, some of the folks who continue to face legal ramificiations are members of the Proud Boys. Though a lawyer representating them has just come out with some eyebrow-raising allegations, according to The Blaze.

Undercover Operatives?

Legal counsel for the Proud Boys is now arguing in court that on January 6, various undercover operatives were there to egg people on and foment violence.

Therefore, the attorney is calling for the federal government to be forthcoming about any Confidential Human Sources (CHS) and other similar individuals on this day.

The argument here is that a transparent review of informants and CHSs on January 6 will help absolve the Proud Boys of any role they had in demonstrations at the US Capitol in early 2021.

Both the FBI and Washington DC police are being accused of having undercovers and other plants present at the Capitol.

Widespread Ramifications

If the legal counsel for the Proud Boys is able to prove that undercovers, informants, and CHSs were involved in the Capitol demonstrations, this could very well have a ripple effect on other similar cases.

It may also carry enough weight to impact the cases of people who have already been sentenced for their own involvement on January 6. Though in the meantime, there are still many Americans who are sitting in jail, waiting for their trials to begin.

Judging from these latest allegations, it’s going to be quite some time before January 6 coverage and news completely wraps up in America.