Leading Into the Midterms, the White House Opposes Kevin McCarthy’s GOP Agenda

The White House criticized “Commitment to America,” which was proposed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, as being a tax giveaway that demonstrates Republicans do not stand for the citizens. 

McCarthy (R-CA), the candidate for the position of House Speaker in the event the GOP wins control of the chamber in November, will unearth his policy agenda on September 19 in the Pittsburgh area.

This comes as the GOP starts to look to influence voters in advance of the midterm election cycle. 

Commitment To America 

The policy framework known as “Commitment to America” has four pillars: “a future that is free,” “a nation that is safe,” “an economy that is strong,” and “a government that is accountable.” 

When asked about the idea during the press briefing that took place on Thursday, the press secretary at the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, delivered a scathing critique of it.

She stated the fact that Kevin McCarthy wants to do this tells you all there is to know about the situation and that’s all you need to understand. 

She went on to say all of the GOP members are in favor of tax giveaways, which is a very clear message they are delivering to the people of the United States. 

According to Jean-Pierre, Republicans in the House want to rescind the Inflation Reduction Act, which would result in increased costs for consumers seeking prescription medications. 

She also attacked the Republican Party saying they want to put Social Security benefits up for review every five years. 

She stated the Inflation Reduction Act will bring about a decrease in prices for our elderly population and that it constitutes a significant victory for the people of the United States. 

Per Jean-Pierre, beating Big Pharma, a special profit group that devoted several millions of dollars to keep exploiting people, is something Democrats and members of Congress have been attempting to do for years, thus reducing costs for our seniors.

Second Amendment Rights

McCarthy’s file lays out plans to dismantle the comprehensive reconciliation bill passed by the Democrats.

It will address problems with inflation and supply chains, establish “safe and fair elections,” defend Second Amendment, transmit a “parents’ Bill of Rights,” safeguard the southern border, finance the police, battle threats from China, and more.

Republican Party leaders, including McCarthy, have presented ideas very similar to these during previous election cycles. One example of this is the “Contract with America” initiative led by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in 1994. 

Republicans have to flip five seats in order to win the majority in the House of Representatives in November. Despite suffering losses in two recent special elections, Republicans are still the favorites to win the chamber. 

Such an occurrence would badly harm America, according to Jean-Pierre. She stated it tells us everything we need to understand about Kevin McCarthy’s plan and how it does not speak for the people of the United States.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.