Leftist Hypocrisy on Full Display in New York

Outrage has erupted after it was discovered a pro-Defund the Police official (who is vying for the governorship in New York) traverses the city with an NYPD escort.

This anti-police official also resides on a military installation with round-the-clock protection. “Clearly, it’s quite hypocritical,” Bay Ridge homeowner Joseph Rolland, 53, told the New York Post of Jumaane Williams.

Democrat Elitism on Full Display

“I believe we are in a position where ordinary citizens are unable to protect themselves, while elected leaders are able to do so.”

“I would advise elected officials if they are so anti-police and anti-gun, they should relinquish all of the privileges that allow them to defend themselves.”

Williams, a black rights activist, was appointed Public Advocate of New York City in 2019 after formerly sitting on the NYC Assembly.

He originally defined himself as a Socialist Democrat and is now campaigning for governor, wherein, according to his campaign site, he promises “to bring dramatic change to Albany.”

According to the New York Post, Williams resides on the Fort Hamilton U.S. Army Garrison in Brooklyn and is furnished with an NYPD security team, due to his work with the city.

Anybody attempting to enter the garrison must first complete a background investigation and transit via security checks.

The year before, Williams was a key advocate for cutting funding to the NYPD. Moreover, he criticized the city’s decision to slash $1 billion from the coffers as insufficient.

Williams and his family were drawn to the property because of its affordability, according to a spokesman for him.

“They selected an apartment in Fort Hamilton for his family’s new residence in 2019. This was not just because of its location on a post, but also because it offered a better unit for his family’s price level and requirements,” the spokesman told the Publication.

Military Protection

Williams shares a $4,000-a-month corner townhouse with his wife, a consultant, and his stepdaughter, according to the Post.

The house overlooks the Verrazano Narrows. It also has amenities like free parking, a swimming pool, a laundromat, a petrol station, a barber, a bowling alley, and numerous restaurant chains like Einstein Bagels.

The Army complex also has historic cannons, WWII weaponry, and modern Humvees.

The garrison has 228 housing units, with civilians occupying 15% of these. The housing options are available to the general public, although most New Yorkers are oblivious to them.

These aren’t Zillow-listed homes. It’s effectively a private neighborhood with breathtaking coastal views guarded by tanks and M16-wielding soldiers.

Williams’ spokeswoman noted, “The assumption that his work to safeguard, encourage, and rethink public safety will alter his message is wrong.”

“It is also disproven by his history on these matters for over a decade. This work continues as he pushes for measures that strengthen the community in areas citywide.”