Leftist Madness: Men Getting the Snip to Protest Abortion Laws

In the aftermath of Texas’ new rule prohibiting abortions beyond around six weeks into gestation, pro-abortion men are reportedly signing up for vasectomies.

The Details

Since May, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed legislation prohibiting most abortions after an unborn child’s heart activity is found, which usually occurs six weeks into a gestation period.

The bill was quickly challenged in court by abortion advocates after it went into force in September. Nevertheless, the challenges have thus far failed to prevent the measure from becoming law.

Per the Washington Post, pro-abortion males have been undergoing vasectomies in sympathy with females over Texas’ new restrictions on abortion as a form of protest against the new laws.

Since the legislation went into force, the Austin Urology Institute’s Koushik Shaw has seen a 15 percent increase in vasectomy surgeries, with patients citing the law as the main reason for the procedure.

Shaw receives information from patients.

“‘Hey, I’m truly here since some of these adjustments Abbott and our legislative power managed to pass are really affecting our family making plans,'” Shaw said, as per the Post.

“That was a fresh one for me as a reason — the first time, clients are citing a state statute as their prime motivator.”

The law barely averted the same fate as the number of modern restrictions on abortion: a judicial stay. A handful of abortion clinics appealed to the Supreme Court to halt the statute shortly after it took effect in September.

According to the Daily Wire, the abortions providers’ motion was denied by the court’s conservative majority because of the law’s enforcement authority, which distinguishes it from “heartbeat” legislation established in other states.

Rather than allowing state authorities to police abortion clinics, the law deputizes private individuals, giving them standing to launch lawsuits against them.

On technical grounds, the judge rejected the request, which named every state court judge and clerk as respondents.

The Madness of It

In reaction to expanding nationwide attempts to limit abortions, an increasing number of males are opting for vasectomies, according to a new study in the Washington Post.

According to the story, Dr. Koushik Shaw of Austin told the Washington Post “patients are identifying state legislation as their motivating cause” in a way they hadn’t done before.

Vasectomies are becoming increasingly popular as a strategy to be more equal in terms of reproductive health.

“It’s terrible we don’t have any more contraceptive alternatives for those with man parts,” doctor Sarah Miller told the Washington Post about the discrepancy in family planning.

World Vasectomy Day is just one aspect of a bigger campaign to promote awareness about the possibility of vasectomies. A number of legislators, including Pennsylvania State Rep. Chris Rabb, introduced measures to this end.

He introduced a bill in reaction to Texas’ SB8 law in the fall.