LGBT Protesters Viciously Attack Straight Pride March, Riot Police Step In

An annual “Straight Pride” march in Modesto, California has been assaulted by raging LGBT and Antifa far-left extremists.

The vastly bigger and highly aggressive crowd had to be tackled by riot police who fired shotguns loaded with pepper balls.

Celebrating Western Straight Civilization? You Can’t.

The National Straight Pride Coalition and the California Straight Pride Coalition on Saturday organized their Straight Pride March for the fourth consecutive year in Modesto.

The former of the two organizations advertised the march as an event to celebrate “heterosexuality, masculinity, femininity, babies” as well as “Straight Western civilization,” Christianity, and “our wonderful country.”

As with anything else, though, far-left communist extremists decided they cannot allow anybody to express freely any point of view that isn’t their own.

They have physically assaulted not just Americans who are proud to be straight, but also rallies of elderly Christian people, American patriots, or just about anybody who dares to defy their totalitarian crusades.

Communist fascist thugs from Antifa and other far-left terrorist groups are increasingly seeking to instill fear in American society by physically attacking anybody who isn’t of their own.

(Social media footage snapshot)

The Attack By Overwhelming Communist Foot Soldiers

The Straight Pride march gathered on Saturday in front of the local Planned Parenthood building, where it got assaulted by communist “counter-protesters,” causing the riot police to intervene decisively.

In early August, Don Grundmann, the founder of the coalition, promised the Straight Pride march would be a peaceful event, but the far left had other plans for it.

While the Straight Pride march was joined by some pro-Proud Boys marchers, a very large crowd of angry abortionists and LGBT protesters emerged. They started to grow even more furious at the Straight Pride slogans of the marchers

The lefties accused Straight Pride protesters of being “fascist”, marching in “hate pride,” and of crushing women’s rights by being against abortion, The Daily Mail and The Modesto Bee reported.

The LGBT thugs even started throwing bottles, flash grenades, and other objects in order to drive the Straight Pride marchers away from the Planned Parenthood clinic

At that point, a large number of police officers in riot gear showed up and tackled the aggressive far-left extremists. The riot police even had to fire pepper balls, which are hard plastic projectiles, against the LGBT crowd.

Video footage of the skirmishes posted online by The Modesto Bee primarily shows clashes between the Marxist-Communist aggressors and the local police.

The report, however, quoted Odette Zapata, an LGBT and abortionist protester from Sacramento, who had come to tackle the Straight march, as saying lefties have been under attack by both “right-wing extremists” and the riot police.

The police told the newspaper that three people had been arrested during the violence at the Straight Pride march in Modesto: two Proud Boys members and one LGBT activist.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.