Liberal City Facilitated Mass Shooter to Kill People

The Memphis mass shooting suspect, who livestreamed his deadly assault via Facebook on Wednesday, was found to be involved in another mass shooting incident in 2020.

The suspect, Ezekiel Kelly, took a plea deal in 2020 from the liberal criminal justice system of the blue city of Memphis after killing two people. Now, he killed three more people, due to the lenient law enforcement system of Memphis.

Progressive Criminal Justice System Made Another Mass Shooting Possible

On Wednesday, Memphis police arrested a mass shooting suspect who livestreamed the rampage on Facebook and Instagram. During the Wednesday assault, Kelly killed four people, while a wave of terror reigned in the city throughout the day.

Kelly remained involved in a separate shooting incident in 2020 when he killed two people. Back in 2020, Kelly took a plea deal, due to the progressive criminal justice laws of the blue city of Memphis.

One victim of Wednesday’s mass shooting, Dewayne Tunstall, was a childhood friend of Kelly. After taking Tunstall to a neighboring driveway, Kelly shot him at least one time in the head, as per the police affidavit.

A bullet from Kelly’s gun went through a window of a neighboring house into a child’s room, according to the imagery of the crime scene gathered by different media outlets.

Kelly started his mass shooting spree after killing Tunstall as he drove across Memphis to shoot six people. He was also involved in two carjackings on the same day.

The violent spree ended around 9 p.m. CST when Kelly smashed a stolen car, where the police arrested him.

Facebook Miserably Failed to Implement Livestreaming Policies

Steve Mulroy, the Shelby County Attorney General, noted residents of Memphis are concerned about the deteriorating law and order situation in the city; he is well aware of the feelings of the public.

So, Mulroy continued, he would ensure the timely prosecution of Kelly to make people feel safe in Memphis.

As law enforcement agencies take the case of repeated offenders seriously, Mulroy claimed Kelly will be held without bail, due to the nature of the crimes he committed.

Back in 2020, Kelly was charged with aggravated assault and supposed to serve three years in jail. Though he was released earlier this year after serving only 11 months in prison.

Videos of the mass shooting have already been deleted from Facebook and Instagram. However, this is not the first time a massacre has been telecasted live on the social media giant.

In 2019, a mass shooter live-telecasted New Zealand’s Mosque attacks in which 51 people died. After the deadly incident, Facebook restricted live shooting of terrorism incidents, but the company failed to implement its policies.

Earlier this year, a mass shooting incident in Buffalo, New York, was broadcast live on Facebook.

Even though many people reported the Buffalo shooting live streaming, Facebook failed to remove the video; thus, the extremist content was seen by millions of people.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.