Liberal Media Ignores Biden’s Deporting of Migrants

On Sunday, the Biden government is expected to begin deporting thousands of Haitian immigrants back to their homeland.

According to various media outlets, US Customs and Border Protection will start operations on Sunday to return migrants gathered underneath a Texas boundary-crossing to Haiti.

Mass Deportation in the Cards for Haitians – Maybe Because They Won’t Vote Democrat

According to the Associated Press, the Biden government is planning a “mass deportation” of Haitian immigrants arrested under the Del Rio National Bridge.

More than 12,000 immigrants, largely from Haiti, are now being held in detention centers along the border of Texas. The number of aircraft each day varies, depending on the source you consult.

According to the Associated Press, there will be five to eight flights each day. According to NBC News, there might be eight to ten every week. The trips will run every day except Saturdays.

Two aircraft will leave out from the United States, according to officials within US Customs and Immigration. They’ll be carrying more than 200 Haitian immigrants back to their homeland.

It Looks Like the Kabul Evacuation All Over Again

According to the insider, other flights previously slated to transport the Haitians have been postponed for unspecified reasons; however, the current round of planes will go as scheduled.

The immigrants will be moved to a processing facility in Eagle Pass, Texas, leaving their improvised encampment underneath the Del Rio National Bridge.

The Haitian nationals will be declared and handed over to the ICE Flight Operations Division for deportation flights once they have been processed.

Breitbart Texas revealed on Friday evening that CBP authorities ordered the closing of both border bridges in Del Rio. Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano made the decision after the toll plazas at the Del Rio National Bridge were closed.

As per the Texas Tribune, Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano remarked that difficult conditions need harsh measures.

People are giving birth down there [under the overpass] and people are collapsing from the heat. They’re quite angry, and rightly so; they’ve been outside in the sun for days on end.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott replied by dispatching troops from the Texas Department of Public Safety, National Guard troops, and military trucks to the area to assist.

Governor Abbott’s spokeswoman, Rene Eze, said in a release that President Biden’s utter lack of care for Americans who have been in the direct line of the disaster he’s caused is reprehensible.

The Biden government is in complete chaos, as evidenced by the record-breaking influxes of millions of migrants and the inept reaction.

Governor Abbott has spoken with Mayor Lozano of Del Rio; he’s thereby sending state resources and troops to the region.

Meanwhile, TxDOT is erecting obstacles as quickly as possible to provide aid. Texas continues to make strides in securing the southern border and safeguarding Americans.