Tennis Star Arrested in Australia Over Non-Vax Status

After his entrance visa was canceled at the border, tennis legend Novak Djokovic is being detained in an Australian immigration detention camp. If a late court appeal fails, Canberra has threatened to expel him.

When the Serbian tennis star, who is presently rated top in the globe, arrived in Australia, he provided a vaccination medical waiver. According to Breitbart News, border officers disputed this.

Australia Has Fallen

It’s unknown why Djokovic was turned down by the Australian Border Patrol (ABF) after Sports Australia and the Victoria state legislature granted him amnesty.

The permission was required so he may compete in the season’s first Grand Slam tennis match, the Australian Grand, on January 17th, 2022.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Djokovic will now be detained in Melbourne until Monday. This comes after filing a last-minute application in the Federal Circuit Court to prevent the federal government from trying to deport him before the competition starts.

After his visa was revoked and he was transported to an immigrant detention center, the Serbian actor’s lawyers testified in an online session.

Djokovic, the nine-time victor and titleholder, was originally stopped at Melbourne airport for several hours after arriving on January 5th. He was then transferred to an ABF-run motel.

The ABF stated Djokovic “failed to present acceptable proof to meet the entry criteria to Australia, and his visa was consequently canceled” in a statement.

“Non-citizens who do not have a proper visa at the time of entry, or whose visa has been revoked, will be arrested and deported from Australia,” they added.

As Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, you can only visit Australia if you are completely immunized or have a medical waiver for not being immunized.

Djokovic has long been a vocal opponent of coronavirus vaccination, declaring in 2020 he is “anti-vaccination” and would not “want to be compelled to accept an immunization in order to fly.”

In an Instagram story, Serbian President Aleksandar Vui stated he spoke with Djokovic over the telephone. Vui informed Djokovic “the entire country of Serbia is behind him,” and Serbian officials will use “international law” to fight for “honesty and fairness.”

Little Sympathy From His Opponents

Rafael Nadal, a protracted adversary of Djokovic, offered little empathy for the Serbian, stating on Thursday he must deal with the consequences of not being immunized against coronavirus.

Last week, Nadal acquired COVID and stated he was a firm believer in being immunized to prevent an epidemic.

“I went through COVID and received two vaccinations. You won’t have any problems playing here if you do this. It’s the only thing that’s evident,” he remarked after winning his maiden singles title on the ATP Tour after August in Melbourne.

Throughout the epidemic, Australia’s had some of the strictest coronavirus regulations on the globe.

There are reports of people being imprisoned, despite negative testing, police using rubber bullets to disperse declared illegal demonstrations, and people being physically arrested for not wearing face masks.