Liz Cheney Has a Dark New Warning

Congresswoman Liz Cheney has been a leading critic of President Trump and the America First movement. She’s established herself as the figurehead of a special committee set up just to investigate what happened on January 6, 2021.

Since that time, Cheney’s concluded what she already believed from the start: Trump encouraged violent revolution at the Capitol and his treasonous, racist supporters tried to kill cops and take over the government.

This narrative has been proven untrue and is absurd. However, the leftist media machine and their allies have been more than willing to repeat it.

On Sunday, they even handed Cheney a special award for her grandstanding.

Cheney Warns of Massive ‘Threat’ From Trump Movement

Speaking on Sunday after accepting the JFK Award for “Courage,” Cheney said Trump is trying to “unravel” the American nation for his own ego. She said the “sacred” duty of democracy is under direct attack by MAGA traitors who hate the country.

She said “every president” honored the exchange of power from one to another, other than Trump. Cheney may want to brush up on her history, considering various facts of American history that are much worse than January 6.

For example, former President James Garfield served only half a year in 1881 before he was viciously shot to death at the railway station in Washington. He was shot by a fanatical supporter of his presidential opponent, Chester Arthur.

The man who stabbed Garfield was named Charles Guiteau. He was executed for his crime, but Garfield tragically died after two months of agony and infection from his wounds.

Yet, Cheney thinks this is the worst thing that’s ever happened, due to opponents of a change of power? She’s as ignorant as she is arrogant and hate-filled.

Furthermore, every person killed on January 6 was a Trump supporter, as we now all know. This includes unarmed veteran Ashli Babbitt who was gunned down in the corridors of Congress.

Cheney’s Creepy Threats

Speaking at her special little awards ceremony, Cheney also said the “threat” posed by Trump and his movement is unprecedented in our whole history. She said everyone must “stand” up and try to stop this madman.

What Cheney really means is she wants to shift US politics back into two liberal versions of the same Deep State regime: the Democrat and Republican liberal parties; whereas voters don’t want that.

So, she is using the awful events of January 6 to continue her deranged political crusade.

Considering there have been more than 800 charges from that day and numerous individuals held in prison, without being charged, while improperly cared for or fed, Cheney needs to be taken seriously.

The Bottom Line

We are living in an upside-down country where cowards like Liz Cheney get a “courage” award.