Liz Cheney Working For a Democratic Majority in Senate

Although Congresswoman Liz Cheney lost her Wyoming primary election, she is now closely working to cost the Republican Party the Senate majority. 

Now, Cheney is backing an anti-Trump Independent Senate candidate in Missouri, who is likely to split the vote bank of the Republican Party.

RINOs on the Roll Again

In the November midterms, every single Senate seat is crucial to decide the fate of the equally divided Senate. Some Republicans in the Name Only (RINOs) want to see the Democrats controlling the Senate once again.

Earlier this month, Missouri Attorney General, Eric Schmitt, won the GOP primary for the Senate seat. Now, he heads toward the November elections where he will face Trudy Busch of the Democrat Party.

Schmitt is a hot favorite to win the Senate seat in the deep red state. 

Yet, some Republican factions are striving hard to back an independent candidate, John Wood, which will give an undue advantage to the Democratic candidate.

Wood served in the George W. Bush administration under Vice President Dick Cheney. Currently, he is working as a top legal adviser of the January 6 committee, which is investigating Donald Trump for orchestrating riots on Capitol Hill.

So, both Liz Cheney and Wood are working in close association in the January 6 investigation panel, where they are busy entertaining unreasonable charges against Trump.

Cheney has even praised Wood’s work, calling him the most competent and talented individual with whom she has ever worked.

Anti-Trump Republicans Want a Democratic Senate Majority

Another anti-Trump Republican politician, John “Jack” Danforth, is also backing Wood in his November election.

Jack Danforth has significant political clout in the state of Missouri. He even worked closely to defeat pro-Trump candidate Eric Greitens in the Missouri primary elections. 

Even though Greitens has already been defeated, Jack Danforth is now trying to help Wood in defeating the official Republican candidate in the November race.

When Wood’s Political Action Committee spent $750,000 on paid advertisements before the Republican primaries, Jack Danforth praised the efforts of Wood’s campaign and predicted a victory for the Independent candidate.

Danforth even donated a whopping sum of $5 million to an independent organization, Missouri Stands United, which is backing the candidacy of Wood in the November elections.

According to Jack Danford, both major political parties of the United States are threatening democracy, so Wood’s victory will reinstate the democratic institutions of the country.

Even though Danford is claiming to support Wood, his slogans for Senate elections are inspired by the Democrat Party, which slammed Trump for attacking the democracy of the country.

Political observers are suggesting that Danford wants to incite anti-Trump voters of the state by highlighting the deteriorating democracy of the country so they either vote for Wood or the Democratic candidate, Busch.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.