The New Democrat Strategy Will Have You in Stitches!

On Monday, Democrat consultant Paul Begala responded to Andrea Waters King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s sister, who said President Biden put more effort into passing infrastructure legislation than voting rights laws.

Blame the Public!

“What we’re seeing with Biden is what occurs when he throws his full speed and power behind a subject like infrastructure,” King told Politico. “We want to see the same energy and commitment put towards voting rights.”

Begala lauded Biden’s efforts and stated he does not believe the Democrat leadership is to blame. Rather, he claimed Democrats have “poor supporters.”

“Do you believe that’s a legitimate assessment?” CNN’s Poppy Harlow questioned Begala. “Did President Biden, for instance, devote greater energy into getting infrastructure passed?”

“Well, he got the infrastructure, which is excellent because success fosters success,” Begala responded.

“He’s committing the full weight of the presidency to it. The Democrats’ current problem, in my opinion, is not that they will have poor leaders. OK, they’ve got a bunch of jerks following them.”

“Those of us who care about voting rights must get to work. I believe Biden is putting his whole heart and soul into this, but he wants more supporters. He also requires the participation of all of us,” he said.

A New Strategy

As Biden’s approval numbers plummet, the White House has been considering a new communications plan.

NBC News just reported this week the White House is considering looking at a new formula to engage directly with the US public, citing “senior officials.”

The study indicated Biden’s advisers voiced a desire for him to “speak to more individuals currently,” instead of giving “one-dimensional” White House addresses.

Biden’s advisers cited “compassion and a way to relate with regular Americans” as “his greatest political asset.” As he approaches his one-year anniversary in office, Biden’s favorability numbers are deteriorating.

According to a CBS News/YouGov poll, 50 percent of Americans are “frustrated” by Biden’s administration. 52 percent felt Biden harmed the economy, while 58 percent believed he caused inflation.

The study, which was performed among 2,095 adults in the United States on January 12-14, 2022, has a fallacy margin of +/- 2.5 percentage.

According to a Quinnipiac poll issued last week, only 33% of people approve of Biden’s work performance. From January 7 to 10, 1,313 adults were polled countrywide, with a fallacy margin of 2.7 percent.

The Biden administration already attempted to implement a better media method by seeking visits with “bloggers” such as Olivia Rodrigo, the Jonas Brothers, Benny Drama’s “Kooper the Intern” persona, and various YouTube stars, such as cosmetics gurus and undomesticated animal specialists.

However, Biden’s latest communication technique has its own flaws, as he routinely gaffes and fumbles when talking off-script. On Wednesday, Biden will hold his second official solo media briefing at the White House since taking office.