Mail Carrier Forced to Retract Fraud Allegations After 4 Hour Interrogation

"Mail truck of the US postal service in Downtown Chicago" by verchmarco is licensed under CC BY 2.0

According to the Washington Post, postal worker Richard Hopkins has recanted his allegations regarding ballot tampering in the state of Pennsylvania.

Hopkins claimed in an affidavit “under the penalty of perjury that he was instructed to collect late ballots, with the apparent intent from Postmaster Rob Weisenbach to backdate the votes.” Daily Wire Reported.

James O’Keefe from Project Veritas responded to the committee’s tweets, claiming he has a video to prove Hopkins was “coerced” into recanting.

“We have recordings of the federal agents, who COERCED this man through a 4 hour interrogation without representation, who stands by his original affidavit re: backdating ballots,” O’Keefe posted. “Standby for recordings doubling down on backdating ballots. This is soviet style truth suppression.”

Responding to accusations that his Project Veritas video concerning the claims was “false,” O’Keefe retorted: “Video not false. USPS official stands by his original affidavit. We have tapes of fed agents WHO PUT PRESSURE ON HIM to sign something he didn’t understand. THEY WOULDN’T LET HIM LEAVE He’s doubling down. You’re trying to get us deplatformed. You’re losing.” The Daily Wire reported.

O’Keefe posted the video of Hopkins claiming he did not recant his allegations and would like a retraction from The Washington Post. This is a serious allegation.

“My name is Richard Hopkins, I am the postal employee who came out and whistle-blew on the Erie, PA, postal office,” he says in the video.

“I am, right at this very moment, looking at an article written by Washington Post. It says that I fabricated the allegations of ballot tampering,” Hopkins continued. “I am here to say I did not recant my statements. That did not happen. That’s not what happened. And you will find out, tomorrow.”

“And I would like that The Washington Post recant their wonderful little article that they decided to throw out there,” the postal worker added. Daily Wire Reported.