Man shot dead in Seattle anarchist zone. Why is this tolerated?


Amidst the failure or refusal of local authorities to reestablish lawful control of Seattle’s anti-police ‘autonomous zone,’ a fatal shooting has taken place there, out of reach of law enforcement and ambulance services. Numerous bystanders have reportedly been caught in the crossfire. At least one person died and another has been critically injured. Nevertheless, the police were prevented from responding by anarchists forming a human chain.

The police attempted to use riot gear to break through and come to the aid of the shooting victims in what the anarchists call the ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.’ The shooting took place around 2:30 in the morning.

One dead, one in critical condition, other victims reported

Mike Solan, the president of the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild called it ‘the summer of chaos. Early this morning that violence was raw and real . . . One of our community members lost their life and police are still not allowed into that area and were prevented from providing that police service to the area to locate the victim and … to render aid. It’s very troubling.”

Both casualties of the incident were taken to a nearby hospital in private vehicles, without the benefit of professional first-responder equipment or skills.

The Seattle Police have reported that they were not only prevented from responding at the scene but were prevented from entering the Harborview Medical Center by armed anarchists. The father of sociology, Max Weber, defined the state as having a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence. It is unclear why the authorities at every level allow the state to continue to be undermined in this way.

There are conflicting reports on whether the police were able to reach the crime scene and collect evidence after the shooting occurred.

The alleged perpetrator reportedly arrived on the scene with a rifle in a black SUV just as late-night Juneteenth celebrations were winding down.

Without ambulance service, victim died in private car before reaching hospital


The fatality was a 19-year-old male who died in a private car on the way to the hospital. The anarchists’ amateur attempts at CPR proved ineffective. The other victim remains in intensive care according to hospital officials.

Police gave up trying to enter the six-block anarchist-controlled district after the anarchists threatened to burn down the East Precinct. The threat was made after the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis, 1400 miles away. Autopsy reports show that Floyd had a fatal amount of fentanyl in his system at the time of his death.